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Serge Storms: Balance and Control




Nailed it. Again. I am a machine.

Tuesday Workout - 60 minutes

Usual movement stuff and a bunch of 3-4 minute jump rope intervals.

My knees are feeling better the more I stay off the bike. I’m going to get a pro bike fitting before I start doing big weekly mileages again.

Something is off with my knee alignment on my current seat/pedal/bar alignment, otherwise I wouldn’t notice such a feeling of improving knee health when I lay off the bike.


Wednesday - 182 lbs

AM Workout - 75 minutes

Danced around with dumbbells, did a bunch of challenging body weight stuff, a little jump rope, and some band work for shoulders.

Vascularity gains in the obliques.
Strange-looking muscle separation in the hamstrings that I’ve never seen before in my life.
Sea-shell striations in the triceps
About two days away from the wife making a comment about skinny face.


My Lose It! app might be onto something.

Yesterday’s intake was a good example of a structure that has been working like magic for me.

3 protein shakes between breakfast and 3pm.
(50g protein each)
150 g carbs between wake and 4pm. Either with the protein or as snacks. I’m pretty IIFYM on the carb sources, but I go for ones that do not also have fat.
Limit fat to as little as possible before 4PM. Usually I’m at about 20-30 grams by then.

Eat a normal dinner.
Keep alcohol to equivalent of 2 drinks/day.


Still nailing targets.

Averages this week so far:

60g F
200g C
250g P

2500 ish calories/ day

Pretty low volume and intensity with the workouts this week. I feel a few double sessions or maybe a monster session coming this weekend.

Weight seems to be settling a bit at 183. That’s a good weight for me.


Friday - Odd Macros

I didn’t prepare for the type of day I had planned yesterday, so I went low overall.

I notice that my Lose It! app has added another category to the macro pie chart. “UKNOWN”

Might as well have labeled it BOOZE.


Workouts have been super low intensity. My body seems to want to ride out this phase.

That said, on single-effort attempts at some of my most difficult body weight Acro/strength moves, I am as crisp and strong as ever. It feels like I even have enhanced proprioception and faster nerve transmission. Not shitting you.

I did the slowest pull-up I’ve ever done yesterday. At least a minute in each direction, with strict, smooth form through every inch of the full range of motion. Heart rate got up to 155 bpm.

(Side note - I find cardio fitness to be an underrated factor in the ability to get good at doing high quality pull-ups.)

I’ve also been working on my 1- handed handstand.


Ever thought about going on a cycle? With your meticulousness (it’s a word) you would almost certainly be if from it quite well.


I’ve always wanted to build muscle, but I’ve never been that obsessed with mass.

I’m thankful for that, because if I had that inner drive to take up more space in a room like many around here do, it may have been more tempting…especially at points in my life where I was trying to pretend like I might be a physique competitor someday.

I have a pretty good idea of how I would respond based on my experience with the legit transdermal PHs before they went away.


A little example of the jump rope workout. I usually go for the length of a song. I might do anywhere from 2-5 songs throughout the course of a typical gym session.


Last Week’s Average Macros
61g F
250g C
191g P

2600 calories/day.

I’d say that’s close to maintenance for me. I had a quick drop early in the week down to 182 lbs. but then spent most of the week around 183-184.

There weren’t many days where I followed my 3 shakes before 3:00 plan…I was improvising through most of the week.

I’m thinking what may work best in the long-term is to follow the plan as closely as possible during the week, and then take the weekend off from protein shakes.

Monday Workout - Best in a long time

45 minutes in the main studio at the gym.

Today I was in “full flight” with the breakdance and gymnastics moves. I felt as fresh and strong as ever. I did a one-handed hand spin and then froze it in a one-handed handstand. Held that for a few long seconds - definitely longer than I ever have. Almost broke my arm a little bit, but strength prevailed. I also did some very solid planches. The sensation of freshness is not really in one particular muscle group, it’s more of a full-body sharpness…a feeling of lightness, quickness, and enhanced agility.

Really making me think that I may have been further into a chronically over-reached state than what I was thinking.

Jump rope was also feeling great. My knees are slowly getting back to where I can get into that deep ass-to-ground pistol squat position without any pain. Not there yet, but there is daily improvement. When I was grinding away on the bike, I was not seeing this improvement.

Looking forward to sticking to my plan this week. I’m going through 4lb tubs of protein like nobody’s business right now. I know a lot of nutrition experts would say that’s a bad thing…that I should focus on whole food protein sources. Personally, I think protein powder might be the lesser of two evils when I think about mass quantities of chicken breasts, ground processed bullshit turkey meat, canned tuna, and cartons of egg whites.


Agree 100%


Monday Macros

16g F
200g C
180g P

1700 calories

Started off the day following my standard plan.

Protein shake and Ezekiel toast for breakfast.
Protein shake and chocolate frosted mini-wheats for early lunch.
Didn’t seem to need that third protein shake today, so skipped the second lunch.

Two extra lean ground turkey burgers and a pile of spinach for dinner.

Espresso martini.

There is nothing like an ULTRA low-fat day to kick-start the week. I didn’t plan to go quite so low on calories and fat today, but I also don’t feel the need to add those calories back in after dinner if my appetite is not screaming for them. Bank the deficit.

Is it Spring Break yet? I’m ready NOW.


I think I’ve pretty much reduced my “set point” from about the mid-190s to the mid-180s over the past two years. It all started with the goal to just stay consistent with my daily routine, even when other sports endeavors pull my focus in different directions. Getting older has also helped me get away from the pattern of wrecking myself on weekends.


I’ve always loved how you keep everything so detailed.

I know you can crank 8% year round. Juke and Jive, boom.


Tuesday Macros

170g P
190g C
50g F

2200 Calories

Easy workout this morning.

Shred city.


Do you feel weak on these macros? I find that when I hang out under 200 carbs for an extended period of time it’s tough. My happy place is around 225p, 225-250c, 35-50f. Where’s your BF at currently would you guess?


I may have had a few low days recently, but my average macros over the last month or so are very close to what you listed as your happy place. So far, I feel awesome.

I’m using a Skulpt Chisel to monitor my body fat trends over time. It had me at 8.4 % about two weeks ago, but it’s a little generous.

Been following your progress, man. Super impressive. Best of luck with the rest of your prep!


I’m finding it hard to break past 9%. I’ll have to look into a skylit chisel. No idea what that is. I’ve been going on occasion and getting a body scan. Then on tomorrow of that just tracking mm with the skinfold calipers. Have a good one dude


Wednesday Macros

3,000 calories
50g F
420g C
225g P

Not a “cheat” day.

Not a “high” day.

Really just a strange day with lots of stress, working from home, somehow got myself into the Honey Bunches of Oats and maybe some jelly beans today.

The good news is that when fat intake is kept as low as I’m keeping it, a little bump in carbs is not going to do much damage at all…might even help. The worst combo is a high-fat food binge and alcohol. That takes days to recover from. High carbs and low alcohol, low fat…in the context of an overall slight negative calorie balance…is a good way to go.

Weight: 182 lbs NEW LOW

Workouts have still been on the low-ish intensity side, but I’m still putting in the time and work. This morning’s workout was interrupted by some work thoughts, brainstorm ideas, and note-taking. I’m working on an immersive project for the next ten weeks, so things might get weird. There will be no predictability to my schedule, lots of travel, lots of stress, long hours, and competing priorities. Can’t complain, this project is a once-in-a-career opportunity. The travel will take me to Scottsdale, Miami, Orlando, and Amelia Island during the shittiest part of winter and spring in the Midwest.


Thursday Macros

2800 calories
210g C
170g P
61g F

It was not easy to keep my fat intake this low on a day when I didn’t follow the PST. Protein Shake Template.

I was immersed in a leadership development summit this week. Not a good time to be drinking protein shakes…better to eat with the people. We’re trying to build a team here, so breaking bread together is part of the process.

There were drinks. Good times.

Friday Macros

2100 calories

200g C
133g P
40g F

Another day with plenty of access to all-you-can-eat food. The breakfast spread was awesome. I wanted to eat about six of the breakfast wraps…especially because I was a bit hungry from some of the drinks the night before, AND, I did a 6AM Soul Cycle class (it sucked, never again). Lunch was similar - huge spread, all kinds of good shit. Cookies. I avoided all of that shit today and stuck to my plan. I didn’t even need to get extreme, I just made the best choices and kept the overall size of the portions pretty small. It helped that instead of being bored sitting through slide shows, we were actually up and doing shit all day. We were at an Improv theater going through a bunch of improv drills. Good stuff.

I am obviously locked into a pretty good groove to be able to keep macros and calories so low today, without following the PST. Protein shake template.

Back on the PST tomorrow. I need to keep it super clean this weekend, because next weekend, I’ll be at a 4-day meeting where there will be unlimited buffet meals for breakfast and lunch, and then dinners at awesome restaurants every night. Not gonna pretend that I’ll be able to come out of next week with squeaky-clean macro averages. I should give myself a little buffer by staying low this weekend.

When my day is NOT filled up by big buffets and fancy dinners, every meal is an opportunity to strengthen my habits. Those habits are critical. My not-so-secret weapon.

Is it Spring Break yet? Is there a photo shoot? I’m ready. The leanness indicators are starting to get fun to watch. Not sure why they call them “quads”, because I seem to have 5 or 6 of them right now. Cool separation.


The only log on T-nation that complains about buffets :joy::joy: