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Serge Storms - 8% All Year



New low for body weight: 180.2 lbs

Saturday AM Workout
45 minutes in the big studio at the gym.
HR avg 135, max 182 bpm

Capoeira moves
Breakdance sequences (this is where the max HR 182 was reached)
Hand stand pushups (NOT against a wall)
Pull-ups - super slow and strict
DB work for shoulders, arms, chest
Jump rope intervals

Biggest visual difference today seems to be my waist. It’s getting much tighter. I’ll never have a narrow waist from side-to-side, but front-to-back, I look like a wasp.


Sure is nice when you see a new low number! Congrats man!


What kind of protein are you using to get those 50g per shake? Any issues with inflammation/indigestion? I like Tera’s whey because it’s so natural and digests really easily, but it’s only 21g per 2 scoops :frowning:



I’ve only gone below 180 once or twice since about my junior year in college. It’s a good weight for me.

Funny, according to the old BMI charts, I’m still overweight. I need to get down to 172. Ha.


Sometimes Metabolic Drive, but usually Trutein. It’s an egg/whey/casein mix that I originally chose because of the way it mixed up.

I put it in a bowl and add JUST enough liquid (usually almond milk) to make it into a cookie-dough consistency. Then I eat it. Sometimes I’ll mix in some cereal - something crunchy like chocolate frosted mini-wheats or Quaker Oats oatmeal squares.

This seems to trick my body and brain into thinking that I ate a meal, instead of just drinking a shake.

I wish it could be done with Metabolic Drive, as I love the taste of that stuff. But i find that it only works with a blend of different protein sources. Metabolic Drive turns into a sticky sludge instead of cookie-dough. Pure whey absolutely doesn’t work. Pure casein tastes like chalk. Pure egg protein, no.

The blend of different proteins also seems to be nice and easy on the stomach. I’ve never had many stomach or digestion issues, but I know some people have to do lots of trial and error to find something that doesn’t mess with their digestion.

50g of protein in my normal 2-scoop serving. 3 shakes means that all I need is a fairly normal dinner to hit 200g for the day.


Good stuff, man. Thank you! What’s your favorite flavor of Trutein? Just ordered samples of Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate (both of which are 25g!). But I’m open to all the flavors.


My favorites:

Cookies and Cream
Red velvet cake
Vanilla bean

I love chocolate in the form of actual chocolate, but I’m not a fan of chocolate-flavored protein.

If you are, you’ll probably really like the samples you ordered.


Add a small amount of non-fat Greek yogurt and the blend works with any protein. Each night I do about 4 scoops of non-fat Greek yogurt, 1 scoop choc protein and half tsp of peanut butter. Delish.


Have you tried PB Fit? I make something like this all the time and loving putting that stuff in there. It’s low calorie and gives pretty much all the peanut butter taste.


I’ve tried it. Good stuff.

Yesterday’s mix was two scoops of protein powder with almond milk, a serving of all-bran buds cereal, and a topping of ghirardelli sea salt caramel.