Serge Nubret's Routine?

Hey, I am looking for a copy of Nubret’s routine. Recently he posted it on a number of other bodybuilding forums when he was responding to posts. I’ve gone through and tried all the links in his posts, but they are all dead.

Does anyone have these files and could they share them if so? I believe they are three PDF files, corresponding to the letters of an ABCABCrest split routine.

Thanks in advance

Try these links…but before you put these to use, talk to me first…

this comes from
And here are the PDF workout sheets you are looking for…

Voici les liens : " here are they"

Liens vers les fiches anglaises imprimables: ENGLISH

Liens vers les fiches fran�?§aises imprimables: FRENCH

Concours Serge Nubret Awards 2007 :Allez-ici pour voir tous les comp?titeurs… vous inscrire… ou voter :
Mon site officiel :

Now, bear in mind that Thibaudeau already posted something similar to this in his Workout strategies article where he prescribed 6=8 sets of 12=15 reps doing 3=4 exercises per bodypart…nothing new here…

Nubret-s size comes from his OLD style training of 20 sets of 5…just remember that…20 straight sets of the same exercise.


But these are the links I have been trying and are all dead to me. Are they working for you and others?

Maybe I could PM my email address to you and you could email them to me if you have them. If it’s not too much trouble, that would be amazing :slight_smile: