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Serge Nubret Training?

  1. Does anyone truly know what Serge Nubret trained like?

2)What weights on his exercises did he use?

  1. Has anyone besides Nubret had real success with this style of training?
  1. Serge trained like an animal. Seriously. He would run through the mountain and smash heads with random goats who invaded his territory. He would also feast on the flesh of antelope for protein.

  2. Big ones. Mammoth. The size of the giant donuts on top of coffee places. He would string a few of those together and place them on the ends of a flagpole.

  3. Many have attempted but have died trying. Most people can only live on antelope for so long.

I recall someone posting a link to a forum where Serge himself had posted a lot recently.

I vaguely recall him working out for many hours per day and eating vast quantities of food. As in four hours a day, an hour of abdominal training every day, stuff like that.

I think he was going to be releasing a book soon or he may already have done so.