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Serge Nubret Dead at 70




Pics never di this guy justice.

One beautiful physique.....




Did not see that coming.



Old school. RIP


Possibly one of my favourite physiques ever. If I remember correctly he's been in a coma for a year. RIP


R.I.P Serge, a bodybuilding legend and a true gentleman. Had the chance to interact with him a couple of years ago and he sent me a couple of his books for a raffle I was organising for a S&C seminar. Great guy and one of the best physique ever!


Definitely one of my favorite bodybuilders. RIP


Probably my favorite build and had an interesting take on bodybuilding. RIP


Sad stuff, RIP.


RIP big guy. Followed you since the 80's. You blazed the way for our generation, and those who come after us. Thank you for lighting the way, mon vieux.



RIP, you were one of my biggest inspirations.


It's sad.

At first, I thought this was a thread with a video of him deadlifting at 70. lol.


So damn sad. One of my faves since the mid 70's. I always thought with a few more improvements he could have beat Arnold (he had Arnie beat in several bodyparts anyway).


damn. Rest in peace.




A physique that truly blended size and shape perfectly. Many people failed to realize how large he really was. An equal number failed to realize just how aesthetic he really was. Just a great, great bodybuilder.



lol, nards always bringin teh lulz

May he RIP


So damn pretty.

So damn sad =[