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Serenity - A New T-Film is Crowned

This movie is amazing. One of the best, most uncompromising, badass, well written films I have ever seen. Easily in my top five greatest films of all time. Don’t question it, go out and see this movie as soon as humanly possible. Unbelievable.

So you’re saying it’s actually as good as the radio commercial says it is? Really though, I want to see this, the commercial on TV looks about 99% bad ass, and that’s saying something.


The top T- movie for me is The Chronicles Of Riddick. You think I’ll change my mind? I doubt it.

I am going to get flamed for this dons fireproof suit

Serenity was decent. There were several moments that were unexpectedly funny, and the acting was rather good. However, the core plot was somewhat cliche, and I never really became absorbed by the movie. My constant thought was how heavy-handed some of the exposition was, and how flat the emotional scenes tended to be.

Now, I am a huge Joss Whedon fan, and I love Firefly. The movie just did not impress me all that much.

Whedon had a difficult task: satisfy the fans by moving ahead and giving them what they expected, and satisfy the (far more numerous) base of newcomers by explaining the characters and their motivations.

Saw it yesterday with a dozen friends/fans of all ages (from 11-year-old goddaughter who’s got most lines from the series memorized to 46-year-old me). We did a post-mortem afterward that ranged from how wonderful parts were to how disappointed we were at the “prettifying” of Zoe, etc.

But it moved forward FAST, it had great action, moments of hilarity (“What was that?”) and heartbreak (“I’m a leaf on the wind.”), the snappy dialogue that we’ve come to expect to Whedon AND this crew (“You can’t make me angry.” “Huh! Spend an hour with him!”) and was (in all probability) a fine and final farewell to the cast and crew of “Firefly.”

I’d recommend it for anyone.

I definitely recommend this movie to everyone - and not just because I have a Jayne avatar! It gets everything right that the Star Wars prequels got wrong. I just hope that Serenity does well so that there will be less generic attempts to copy The Ring and Gladiator.

Into the blue is my new t-movie… kidding. kinda.

“Sure would be nice if we had some grenades”

I agree it kicked ass, loved it and Firefly. It seemed like it sort-of tried to say everything Josh Whedon couldn’t when the show was canceled. I still want to know the preacher’s story, but it’s good that he didn’t try to explain everything.

On a side note, I hope maybe the SciFi channel might pick up FireFly. It won’t happen most likely, but the SciFi Channel is known for picking up canceled shows and sometimes it’s good like Stargate and Battlestar Galactica and sometimes bad like Sliders. Fan support did get us Serenity.

I liked the movie overall, but I definitely would not place it in any “top movies” list.

Some fans will no doubt eat me alive for saying this, but I’ve always hated Whedon’s dialogue. It sounds too “teeny,” and sarcastic one-liners just aren’t my style of humor. In addition, it often feels to me like every characters speaks with the same mouth - they crack the same jokes, in the same kind of way, and use the same vernacular despite VASTLY different backgrounds. He can only write dialogue for two characters: one with a sense of humor, and one without. And that has always bothered
me in all of his projects, not just this one.

But like I said, the movie was good. It kept my attention. I felt the dialogue often pulled me out of the story and ruined the verisimilitude, but I would still recommend it.