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I know there’s a fair amount of heavy metal fans out there, so I was curious if anyone else out there picked up the new Sepultura album; Dante XXI. In my opinion, it’s definitely a good buy. Some sweet Andreas riffs in there. I’m undecided as to whether or not Dante XXI is better than Dark Ages (Soulfly’s newest), but I think it’s better than Roorback. Anyway, i just listened to it a few times, and was curious if anyone else has done the same.

Well come on now, we can’t compare it to the glory days of Sepultura, cuz that it isn’t. Since you haven’t heard Against, Nation, or Roorback, i don’t know how to compare it. It’s the best they’ve done with Greene at vocals. It’s got more speed than they’ve had in a long time, more than Roots, and probably more than Chaos A.D., but it still doesn’t compare to Remains, or Arise. I’ve always liked Soulfly more since the split too, and i think Dark Ages is their best, but I really like this a lot. I can’t decide which is better at the moment. I think you can still hear one of the new Sep songs on the Roadrunner site, Roadrun.com, or something like that. A song called Convicted in Life. I’d check it out.

My mistake, that song download is not at Roadrunner, because that’s not their label anymore. it’s at their official website, a little ways down the page. Just read the orange headlines and look for “Convicted in Life”