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Sepultura/Soulfly Fans

Hey all…I am putting together a Sepultura mix CD and was wondering if someone could recommend some good specific Soulfly songs to add to it? I’ve only heard Back To The Primitive so I don’t know what else of theirs is good. Stuff that would be good lifting tunes is what I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance!

Bleed, Bring It, Jumpdafuckup, Eye for an Eye, and Fire are all solid lifting songs.

Thx much Spartan!

Arise Again, Porrada, Molotov, Frontlines…a bunch of stuff off of “Dark Ages” sounds really good. I’d check out the whole cd.

Since you only heard “Back to the Primitive” then you should know that Sepultura sounded nothing like that until they released the “Roots” album, and even then the only two voodoo like songs on there are “Roots” and “Ratamahatta”, two great songs that make me want to shrink a head.

On the first Soulfly album you need to dl “Tribe” and probably the old soccer classic “Umbabarauma”

Awesome. That’s a good start and I will definitely check them out. I was listening to Sepultura’s Greatest Hits CD yesterday…WOW. It doesn’t get any better than that. I think Attitude is my fave so far.