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Septoplasty Surgery - When Can I Return to Intense Lifting?

Hey bros. I have found very little information from actual powerlifters so I decided to ask this forum to see if anyone have gone through this procedure. If you have gone through a septoplasty surgery (reconstructing/fixing the deviated septum), I am wondering how long the recovery will be before I can return to very intense training. I train very intensely and competitively 7 days a week.

Training is literally my life. 20 rep squats, amrap sets of deadlifts, and frequent maxing on bench with the conjugate method are the norm for me. I destroy my body every day. I am getting ready for a meet and intend to snag a state record squat and deadlift in july. I am wondering the timeline any of you have had with this surgery.

My surgeon is saying I should be good within a week, but I don’t think he understands how hard powerlifters train and the amount of pressure in your body with a brace in a squat or dead. If I cant squat heavy for more than 10 days this surgery is pretty much out of the question as it will not be acceptable to go so long without training hard before the meet. Please give your experience and it will truly be appreciated. Thanks bros.

Whens this surgery? How long is your normal peaking phase?

How much time after the recovery period before the meet?

A lot of this depends on the method the surgeon uses. I had a ton of work done on my sinus/nasal pathway but there was no packing or stints. If you have these, your going to be pretty miserable for a few days until they take them out.

Either way, you’re likely to have some clotting and they ask that you not blow your nose very hard to prevent bleeding, etc. On the plus side, you should be able to breathe easier and sleep better once the passage way is completely open.

Do you want to stay out of the gym longer than the seven days your doctor recommended?

Yeah it seriously impacts my sleep and gives me constant dry mouth which makes eating my chicken and rice take forever. It will improve many problems if I get it done. To my understanding I’ll have stints and packing and a few days of bleeding. My real question is from the day of the surgery, how many days off of heavy training will I be forced to take?

No, I need to train every day.

Why? What’s the length of your peak going into your Meet

Maybe a week. You won’t want to train with all that shit in your nose. It really depends on the doc. You need to make him understand the potential blood pressure issues associated with your training. We’ve all seen perfectly healthy guys sprout a nosebleed during a competition.

It sounds like you train hard. I gotta say that over training and no rest is the main cause of injury. Take it from an old man who’s knees have arthritis from squatting. Don’t look at this the wrong way, look at it as a needed rest and coming back even stronger.

yeah I just don’t want to rush it and come up on a heavy squat and rip all the stitches out of my nose and gush blood and extend recovery.

Comp July 24, looking at surgery June 5 or early June. 7 week peak. I don’t know the recovery period which is why I am asking this forum. It seems in 7 days I’ll be “healed enough to train”. I am hoping to have a maximum recovery of 10 days and be able to get under a heavy bar on day 10 and go all out.