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September Meet Questions

Jim, I’m using the powerlifting/strength protocol with jokers and FSL. I have a meet in mid September with RPS.
My question is can I get to my dream numbers by using the above protocol.
My squat right now 335 for 1, I want to get to 400 by the time of meet at the final attempt.
Bench sucks because I am tall lifter (6’1", weighing 235ish). I am at 310 for a single, and would like to see 355-265.
Deadlift is at 460 for a single and I would love to see 500+ by September.

Anything that can make me more anabolic-like adding more food, decrease cardio? I’m coming from a 20 year background of competitive bodybuilding, now entering my 50s and want to be a fucking mad man on the platform, now that I am finished with bodybuilding.
I dont have a problem eating, I just want to ensure that I am eating to get stronger if this something I should think about.

Sorry for the long-winded question.

I think you know the answers to all these questions - you’ve been training for 20 years and want to gain 10%+ on all major lifts in 2 months.

I know. I was just thinking. No shortcuts I guess.