September Ironman

Has anyone read Cy Willson’s article in the September “IRONMAN?”
If not it’s definitely a worthwhile read. He covers a few of
the old aspects of pro “T” /anti"-E" deal; plus, he adds
a few new twists. The only thing that surprised me was on
the training front. He suggests doing multiple sets of 8 -15
reps with 60 to 80 seconds rest. All in all, I give Two Thumbs Up!
Your roving reporter, Joey Z. ::::----::::

Thanks for the compliments bud. As for the training, I suggested that because it will typically lead to the highest levels of lactic acid, which can be A cause of the exercise-induced rise in testosterone.

Thanks Bro, I just picked up the last copy at B & N.
According to this, one could draw the conclusion that
Methoxy helps you gain muscle weight because it squashes

Actually, I made sure to note that reducing estrogen is NOT its mechanism of action in terms of increasing muscle growth.

I read it too quickly my girlfriend was waiting for you
know what. That will show you how people see what they
want too see. I read, potent amoratase inhibitor, and
my mind is off to the races. Then my feeble mind skims
over the next part that reads “…Don’t get me wrong.
I don’t believe that’s the mechanism of action in the
terms of this compound’s anabolic properties…”
Must read things s-l-o-w-e-r ! Sorry, Boley.