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Sept 18 100% Raw Contest in Syracuse

I like it when things just sneak up on you, it will be my first contest so my question is how to determine openers? It’s a BP/DL contest and since I have to wear a singlet I will be doing both (since I am buying a singlet I want to be seen in it as much as possible). SHould an opener be something I triple with (so as to be certain to get on the board) or should I try to bang out a lower end single in the 95%+ range?

I certainly don’t want to bomb, but I also want a shot at a nice total (so I can jump up and down in the singlet all happy and stuff). I just hit 425 for a triple on bench (paused each one) and 455 for 5 (had more in the tank) on DL, should I try to figure out a true 1 rm or is there not enough time to work that into a 24 day peaking cycle (I just found out about the show today). Tips and strategies are welcome and appreciated,because I am clueless.

I want to do a contest soon so I wondered the same thing and did a little internet search. I think Dave Tate said go into the contest and hit whatever you’ve been hitting for a triple as your opener just to get the lifts in.

The first lift should be the last of your warm-ups.

For my openers I usually go by this:

-Hit an opener that you could triple on a bad day.

I generally go more conservative and work backward. Pick a lift that you would be happy with for your final attempt but at the same time it needs to be realistic. Yes, you will be fired up at the meet but no, that will not give a magical 50 lb increase on your bench.

If you did 425x3 on the bench you are most likely good for 440-455 for a single.

So I would go like this
1st attempt 400 2nd attempt - 430 3rd attempt - 440 to 455 depending on how you feel

430 will give you a very nice bench and if your numbers are correct it should not be too hard for you even if you get nervous, etc. If you fail at 430 then you had no shot at 440+ anyway and most likely your gym training is not matching the competition specifications. BTW not sure what your weight is but a 430+ raw bench at any weight is very good.

For deads it would probably look like this, if I knew your previous 1RM I would have a better guess (same goes for bench).

1st attempt 445 2nd attempt 485 3rd attempt 505-515

If you like percentages I have found doing 87.5% on the first attempt, 95% on the second, and 100% on the third works great. If you know your 1RM add 5-15 to it and make that your attempt and then work backwards from there. If you have vids we could watch you and let you know how your form is.

100% Raw is great at least in my area, good luck with it,

You get 3 attempts, so go low and finish high. If you are 2for2 you will be stoked and kill it if it isn’t stupid. Just remember this, 2 Lifts, six attempts, No excuses. Have fun.