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Sept 12, 2009 Tea Party March on DC



Anyone going?


I love it how the modern-day Sons of Liberty had to ask permission and book a time slot from the DC Metro Police before they could have their tea party protest.

Extremism in the cause of liberty, 21st-century style.


I would, but I just got some PSU tickets for that date. Of course, my kids would enjoy either.


I would not dare call these people the "Sons of Liberty." That would cause many, many great men to roll over in their graves, and old Sam Adams deserves his rest.


Time, place, and manner restrictions have been around since the birth of the Republic. Liberty doesn't mean mass chaos.


For once we agree.

Though chaos has its uses too.


I'm not advocating mass chaos. Just chuckling, once again, at irony. As which you will likely assert that this does not qualify.

Irish, my comparing these folks to the Sons of Liberty was sarcastic. Guess i should have put the phrase in quotes. Their choice of moniker for their protest ("Tea Party") implies that they perceive themselves as the inheritors of the mantle of the Sons of Liberty, who committed the original Tea Party protest.

But whereas that group was (by present interpretations of the word) a terrorist organization that attacked British officials and their political opponents with physical violence and destruction of property, tarring and feathering customs agents, burning ships and dumping cargoes of tea into the harbor under cover of darkness and in disguise, this modern group seems very mild and law abiding, if their actions in Boston and Washington are any indication.

"We're gonna go dump tea bags into Boston Harbor in defiance of tyranny!!!... what?...oh, the Boston Harbormaster won't give us permission, because it might pollute the water. Yeah, all right, that makes sense. Let's do something else, then.

"We're gonna march on Washington, right past the President's house, and demand our rights!!! We'll start at 9:00 A.M., and... what? oh, uh, the DC Metro Police says we can't start any earlier than 11:00 AM, because Sasha and Malia are having friends over for a sleepover on Friday night, and their moms are picking them up at 10. Okay, that makes sense. That's fine."

Actually, come to think of it, perhaps the great Boston Tea Party isn't the image they're going for here, but the tea party pictured above.

Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps they'll actually influence domestic policy with their orderly, law-abiding, inoffensive march on Washington. One never knows.


Great points Varqaner, but imagine the chaos if 1,000,000 armed men walked on Washington. would be interesting.


That's what I did imagine. A million strong men, all with assault rifles and battle rifles slung over their shoulders, pistols on their hips, and a defiant scowl on their faces, demanding that the President and the Legislature give them their Constitution back, or there will be.... trouble.

And then I realized that it isn't gonna happen on September 12, and it made me sad. :frowning:


Yep, I would go, but I have football tickets, haha! Seriously, what would happen if that went on?


Oh, something akin to what happened to the Bonus Army, I imagine.


"Today in the news, 1 million armed racists marched on Washington DC. More at 11."


I would never go teabagging in public like that.


Don't doubt it. That was a sad day. Those who fired on those boys should have been hung, Patton included.


I'd rather be an armed racist as opposed to be unarmed. It makes rape so much easier when you can use guns. Kind of like the DH in baseball.