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Separated shoulder

What should I do in the gym and outside the gym to speed up recovery of a separated shoulder (torn ligaments)? Today I worked out for the first time since the injury that occured last week. The only thing I was able to do without pain were bent-over rows and dips. I also play lacrosse for 2 hours every day. Thank you

be very careful not to rush back into training with that sort of injury. Avoid any overhead movements. Try doing some very light internal and external rotations with therabands or cables with extremely low weights. This will help strengthen your rotator cuff muscles and help stabilise your shoulder. you might want to look at scapula stabilisation exercises as well. BUT DONT RUSH the recovery of this injury, trust me I talk from experience!! good luck…

I agree, take is easy for a while. However, you need to get to doing overhead movements asap. Start light with everything from slow tempo military presses, to overhead holds for time and overhead shrugs. Start with dumbbells and progress to barbells when you’re ready to add more weight.

Definately do NOT do dips. It puts a LOT of pressure on your rotator. That was the first thing my therapist told me when I hurt mine.

Are you seeing a Physical Therapist? Or better yet a Sports Medicine Professional? They can provide you with good programs. I have a friend you tried to do it on his own and ended up limiting himself due to unblanced development.
Best of Luck.

What ligaments have you torn? Typically the recovery of a seperated shoulder has a couple of stages.

1- Inflamation and pain control

2- Restoration of range of motion

3- Strengthening

The seperation comes from the bones at the AC joint. (acromial/clavicular). If you see a significant gap where on the opposite side there is none, then it could be a 2nd degree seperation.

That bump may be there for ever. If you take care of it properly the gap can reduce itself somewhat. I would definatly see a specialist. If you live in the Chicago area I can recommend some places.

Go see an ART specialist who does accupuncture. You will be glad you did.

Under no circumstances should you do overhead movements until fully rehabilitated!! If you do you will run the risk of developing a chronic Impingement Syndrome which will pinch your sub-deltiod bursa aginst your acromion. Furthermore the gleno-humeral joint is weak at the best of times due to its small articulating surface and its large range of motion. Its weakest point occurs in the inferior/downward direction due to the absence of bony structures etc so overhead movements will definately be contra-indicated until full strength and stability in the joint has returned> Therefore be very careful playing lacross even have time off if you can…good luck.