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Separated Shoulder...


So I have a level II separated shoulder and a hairline fracture of the acromion. I was doing really well with my lifts and loving it and now I'm sort of screwed. My gym is mostly free-weights with a few cable machines and lots of cardio. (Small local, basement gym)

I need to know what I can do to keep going. I started working out with goals towards body transformation (Drop 150lbs and muscle up) and over time that has started to shift to being stronger and very recently, not enough to act on it really, I've become fascinated with Oly lifting. So...(sorry this is so long)

I've spent the last week riding an exercise bike everyday working on my general fitness and tried the Elliptical/crosstrainer and that seems to help the injured shoulder both with looseness and discomfort, though it has a tendency to want to cramp a few hours later.

I dropped my carbs, dropped my calories, added and extra bit of protein powder, extra cod liver oil for Vitamin D and drink milk and eat lots of broccoli for calcium.

So my question - What should I do differently? How can I shorten the healing time? For those who had the injury is it ok to do things that cause tightness and aches a few hours later and just avoid things that cause sharp/acute pain? Any resources I should look up that might help? (I've been googling and finding some info but not a lot...)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


PM mr popular. I don't know exactly what his injury was, but I'm pretty sure he separated his shoulder as well. He might not be able to help you, but it's worth a shot, and he is likely to have good advice for you.


Will do! Thanks!