Separate Training LiveSpills?

Alright… I miss the old training LiveSpill a lot. Every day you used to be able to pick up some great training tips and tidbits that were easy to apply to your current training. I read the “Indigo Project LiveSpill” every day and try to pic up what I can, but I think we need two seperate LiveSpills:

“training lab LiveSpill”

  • awesome tips from the great coaches at T-Nation.
  • or just whatever is on a coaches mind that day.
  • basically what the LiveSpill used to be.

“Indigo Project LiveSpill”

  • which is a great way for everyone that is able to use Indigo-3G to pick up tips and network.

If you only showed the three most recent spills in each category it would take the same amount of space as the current “Indigo Project LiveSpill” which shows the 6 most recent.

I think that a lot of newbies to the site can benefit a lot from the old style “training lab LiveSspill”, I know I sure did. And everyone will still have access to see what the Indigo Project members are doing in the “Indigo-3G LiveSpill”

anybody else think this is a good idea?

what is a live spill?

[quote]maraudersfball wrote:
anybody else think this is a good idea? [/quote]

Lol Mods thought it was a good idea too- we have it. Indigo Project Livespill throws up a new post every day. Other coaches post new spills less frequently. Keep your eye on the main page to the left. Whenever a non-Indigo Team Livespill its posted it will be right there.

i know what you mean, but there used to be ALOT more posts from coaches, now it seems like just new indigo stuff everyday, idk