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Separate Forum for Anabolic Therapy with Rx AAS?

@Chris_Colucci: I never heard from you on the topic below. What’s your thoughts? Is a separate forum (separate from current Pharma) for anabolic therapy with AAS feasible and/or worthwhile?

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts on the matter.

Totally unnecessary because it’d be a subsection within a subsection within a subsection, like having one forum for people who load bumper plates on the bar and a separate forum for people who load metal plates on the bar.

As it stands, in the broadest terms, Pharma is for recreational use of anabolics and T Replacement is for medical use. That’s about as separate as it needs to be and there’s no drastic benefit to subcategorizing AAS-related forums further. When it comes to using pharma-grade vs UGL gear, the onus is on the lifter to understand the differences/expectations/risks.

Not to mention the fact that the Pharma forum, first and foremost, does not discuss specific sources. Trying to have in-depth threads on the topics you’re talking about without actually mentioning specific brands, labs, or sites would be a precarious (and likely often-crossed) line.

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We have that though. The Olympic lifting sub forum and the Powerlifting sub forum.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the feedback. I appreciate the precarious nature of this situation. If I understand you correctly, the audience for non-recreational (medically legitimate) use of AAS is so small that there is not much value in my idea. Got it.

What About The Strongmen

It’s a combination of the small group the category might possibly be relevant to, plus the fact that any discussions that’d occur there can already be sufficiently addressed with the current forum setup.

Thanks for confirming. I get the feedback all the time I am a member of many small groups. Oh well.

I was joking. Humor on the internet is difficult sometimes.

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