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Separate Day for Carries?

Do you guys program a whole day dedicated to loaded carries? I’m on week 9 of a 12 week Brian Alsruhe program and just the last couple weeks (since I’ve acquired implements) I’ve been doing carries on lower body days after my main strength sets. I feel like since I’ve started doing carries as assistance I’m starting to get run down fast; I rotate between yoke, zercher yoke, sandbag, and farmers. Considering replacing a lower body day with 4-5 sets of 2 different carries . . thoughts on this? Thanks a lot

Did you pay for this program? If so, ask Brian.

If not, I wouldn’t replace an entire day with carries. I’d just keep the weight low until I got conditioned to it then ramp it up over a couple of months

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I have bought one from him but this current template I put together myself based off his videos . . you’ve never seen a program that has a full day dedicated to carries then?

I really like them from an athletic standpoint and I noticed a definite carryover to my press when I started doing heavy farmer carries . . I guess I’m just looking for a way to prioritize them without running myself into the ground

Can’t say that I have. But it is your training. I will just add that strong legs is extremely important for Strongman.

Keep in mind that I have no plans on ever competing in strongman, so I would listen to others (like @strongmangoals) if you plan to compete. I have a dedicated carry day in my current programming, which is a bastard child of Darkhorse and 531, that I have been doing for about 6 months. The purpose for me is simply because I really like them.

For the cycle prior to my current program in which I was doing Darkhorse, I would do a giant set every training day, each of which included some type of carry. At first this was draining, but I adapted and became very good at picking things up and walking with them.