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Seouldier Breaks 200

In the last 6 months I have gained 15 pounds finally putting me at my goal of 200 pounds, I feel it is time to start a log and to keep the progress going and assume some accountability.
I am an aspiring bodybuilder at 23 years old, have been lifting since I was 16 using the bench press and curls program and just started lifting properly at the beginning of 2011. I try to train everyday and eat a 40/30/20 P/F/C diet currently at 3500 calories. I have a basic training plan but also go on instinct while in the gym.



Worked up to 405 for 1 rep and went back down to 375 for 5X3

Deadlift on box:

205X5X5 supersetted with pullups 5 per set

Rack pulls:

Worked up to 415X5 supersetted 5X5 pullups

Iso lats:


Dumbbell rows:


For some reason i felt the need to do some squatting so I did dead stop front squats 135X5X5