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Sent Home for Wearing the Flag



WTF? How the hell do you get sent home from school for wearing American flag t-shirts...in America? Those administrators should be shot.


Sorry Ron = just posted the same story - must have done it at the same time.

I don't recognize my own country anymore


But they're just SHIRTS!


Holy shit. That's all I can think. This makes me so angry I can't even gather my thoughts.


Back before the late 1960s they did the same thing.... wouldn't let people wear it because it was considered disrespectful. Abbie Hoffman got into a lot of shit for it.

But this is ridiculous, I agree.


Please tell me why do we care about a Mexican Holiday. We are in America. Had the boys gone down to Mexico and wore their t-shirts then maybe I could understand them being angry, but we are in America and Cinco de Mayo is not an American Holiday. We might like having Mexican Food and kicking back with a Margarita, Corona, or Dos XX but come on.

I will give kudos to the first person that knows what Cindo de Mayo is.


It basically is the celebration of when Napolean sent his army to collect a debt from Mexico, and Mexico won a battle on 5/5


Celebration of the Mexican victory in the Battle of Pueblo. I didn't look that up either, read it somewhere years ago.

I think we celebrate it because of restaraunts like On the Border, Chilis, etc. that promote it.


Patriots are becoming a rare breed. WTF is this country coming too. The Achilles heel of America is our political correctness.


Agreed. I was absolutely livid when I read this article.


While nationalism in the extreme is certainly dangerous, eliminating it altogether is not only just as dangerous, but also next to impossible.

I just don't understand this, I think there must be more to this story than what's being let on.


There is something more to the story, we here in Cali know what it is.

Anyone wonder why the ACLU isn't screaming about this ?


Hispanic principle?


They should be.


never sending my kid to public school.


Would the ACLU stayed quiet if Hispanic students who wore t-shirts of the Mexican flag were told to go home on the 4th of July?


Where will the control stop? We lost the day of prayer and what will be next? Christmas?

To answer the question for dmaddox - the day is nothing special. American industry has made the day a festival to sell more beer and food. btw that comes from a mexican friend of mine with my own personal twist.


I was under the impression it was Mexico's independence from France. Not Spain but France. Their Independence from Spain is some other time, but I really do not keep up with Mexican history unless it pertains to Texas.

We Texans understand Mexican rule. Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad? Why do you think Mexico's immigration laws are so strict. The Texians took their land by force, because their freedoms were cast aside by a dictator.


I've read a little more about it, and it does seem like the kids did it in response to Cinco de Mayo at a predominantly hispanic high school.

I'm not saying that they should have been sent home for it, but it does seem like maybe they were going out of their way to cause trouble.


No one would have given a fuck if mexicans wanted to wear their flags on the 4th. I want have my sister beat up the twat that said she was disrespected and wants an apology. The kids wear the clothes every other day why not today? Oh and one of the kids is half spanish oops