Sensory Overload

How do you all handle the sensory overload from your trt? I still get flashbacks from when the medical provider gave me 200 every 2 weeks with 1 gram of anastrozole.

Off topic…
I have not been on it in over 5 years. I still fight for it, thinking, maybe, the medical providers weren’t trying to protect their colleague who misread the results. Maybe I am just delusional. But each meeting with medical triggers another remembrance of the events. I stopped running and exercising as it too triggered memories of the past. The running on the hamster wheel. The sound the weights make. The way the room would spin when I was lay down on the bench.

But I guess this is just a dream

IDK man, my head is pretty messed up and I have no clue what you’re referring to… I do not think this is TRT related at all.

Your provider clearly hated you.
^Joking, kinda. Your protocol must have flatlined your estrogen, which would cause all kinds of issues. 100mg/wk is reasonable for actual TRT, but likely without any need for AI.

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shitty protocol. 1mg AI is this guy fucking insane
200mg 1x2weeks
get a new doc asap.
post your blood results people can give you tips

I have never heard of that and years ago, I personally knew dozens of weightlifters who used 200-800mg weekly.

when you start TRT there is a definitely a boost in how you feel. I remember that very well, within 6h of the injection i was revved up (fsck anybody who claims it was in my mind). that will level in couple weeks

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Yeah. I remember that. It was called the honeymoon effect. Then roughly 4 weeks later, it stops when your body recognizes the external testosterone and stops producing. Hence why medical professionals will schedule a follow-up around the 4 week mark to check.

Again, it has been 5 years since I was on it. My shbg has always been above the normal range (70-110). My prolactin was above range as well in one test before appearing normal in another. No sure if the Cialis had something to do with.

I don’t understand the point of posting labs. Medical professionals are the gatekeepers to the drugs. If they say I don’t need it, that is the answer. You are entitled to your opinion, but the M.D. are who the insurance will accept the answers from.

I don’t understand the point of asking for help without providing relevant information, yet here we are.

Medical professionals are often out of date in their dosing protocols, as indicated by your subpar previous protocol. Your TSH can be sitting at 4.4 (max range is 4.5) wherein your metabolism is so slow you’ve got virtually no choice but to get fat, and your doc won’t treat you because it’s “in range”. Let’s not act like doctors are the end-all be-all when it comes to healthcare.

A much better protocol would have been 100mg/wk, no AI. Instead, your provider fucking SMASHED your estrogen levels into the ground and prescribed 200mg every 2 weeks.

But if you trust their judgement, I understand. Take your medicine and trust The Science™.


thats why many good providers don’t take insurance.
my general doc told me couple times ‘i don’t want to treat numbers but i have to treat numbers’.
thats why i stopped listening to them for the most, and use them only for specific blood-work paid through insurance which I do interpret myself.

Labs area window to what’s going on inside your body.

That doesn’t mean it’s the correct answer.

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I just about fell out of my chair reading this one, the second week his T levels are likely hypogonadal and out comes the 1 mg anastrozole!


There isn’t much I can do at this point. No doctor would treat me. I was seen by over a dozen doctors. They are just happy prescribing me blood pressure meds, 3 types of anxiety meds, cialis and watching me go from someone who was very active to an obese, lazy couch potato.

I haven’t heard of any TRT clinic turning down someone who wasn’t willing to pay. But that concerns me because I can’t get it out of my head that a clinic is just a glorified drug dealer.

So are doctors and pharmacists, so i don’t see your point tbh.

You want TRT, so go pay for it. Stop it with the dogma.

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Kind of the complete opposite of insurance companies, huh?

It’s nice to have a balance, because when someone is turned down who legitimately needs TRT, it’s nice to know they won’t be left to suffer in silence.

Same. I had 3 weeks of being superman before natural production shut down