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Sensorium's Log


Thought I'd start one of these on here....

Stats: 6' 205lbs
Squat: 425
Bench: 275
Deadlift: 545

Was feeling pretty beat up today so I did some light pump work and prehab type exercises

Warmed up with YTWL's with the band x 15 reps each then did some internal rotation work

Bench: 135x10x10 (30-40 second rest periods)
DB Bench: 40x4x12
External Rotation with DB
Seated Row: 100x10x10
Seated Row with Wide grip: 100x4x12
Tricep pressdown: 60x10x10
Hammer Curl: 40x10x10


Did Some Squats today. Peaking for my meet Nov 23rd

Squat worked up to 395x1
Was about to do some pause squats but my knee had a sharp shooting pain…
45 Degree Back Raise 115x5x10, 95x5x10
Leg Curls 110x3x12
Leg Extension(Light for knee) 80x3x20-30
Ab Wheel 5x7
Finished with 3 one minute intervals on the stairclimber turned all the way up


Feeling beat up again today, still went heavy. Definitely a mistake.
Bench 275xfail. Just missed it then 205x3x3
Seated row 120x6x10
DB bench. 80x3x6,10,10
T-Bar row 2plate x6x12, Super set with hammer curls with 45 plate
Front Pull down 120x4x10, super set with DB alternate curls 30x4x10
Skull crushers 80x6x10 SS with close grip tricep press 80x6x10
Tricep press down 80x6x10


Another rough workout…didn’t do much and decided to eat tons of food after

Box Squat 315x3x3

lots of stretching/foam rolling


Heavy Deads and bro work today…

Deadlift: worked up to 495x1, went for 555 and missed. Missing way too many lifts lately. Know I should probably back it down but what fun would that be?
Did some arm work and left.


Log for yesterday…Just had a break up with the girlfriend so todays workout was just non stop pump work for chest and back

Bench 225x1x7
Seated row 120x6x10
Steep incline db bench 80x2x8 (dropset) 60x15
Weighted pullups 25x6x6-8
Front Lat Pulldown 120x6x10
21’s cable chest 40x4x7
T-Bar Row 3PLATEx4x12 + drop set AMRAP
Was just pissed off so i dont remember the rest of the workout


Today - Legs

Squat worked up to 405x1 fairly easy
45 Degree back raise 95x10x10 super set with
Leg Press: 3 plates x6x20
Ab Wheel 3x20
Finished with Stairmill 4 sets with the speed all the way up.