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And I don’t mean staying awake after sex either.

Specifically carb and insulin sensitivity. When it comes to either do you want to be more or less sensitive?

I have mostly abdominal fat that I am trying to lose. Are there any other recommended diets besides T-Dawg for dropping the pounds?
Thanks …

hummm, your probably wondering what insulin sensitive means? from this question I can only assume you have not read much about glucose and insulin… but to answer it yes you want to be sensitive if your main goal is fatloss. Write back if you have further questions… oh, and read massive eating part II or the carb roundtable to better understand the sensitivity idea.

How about a quick summary for the poor guy? Here is the executive summary: Insulin acts to reduce blood sugar and store fat. You want as little insulin as necessary to do its main job of controlling blood sugar. If you are insulin sensitive, then that means you need only a very little insulin to control blood sugar, a good thing. Little insulin means little fat storage. The trouble is that overly fat people tend to be “insulin resistant” or “hyperinsulinemic” which means that when they raise their blood sugar by eating carbs, their pancreas dumps out a huge amount of insulin which drops blood sugar dramatically, resulting in tiredness and fat storage after eating carbs. (A bad thing.) It also wears out the pancreas, resulting in diabetes. The good news is that insulin sensitivity can be modified (slowly) with diet and exercise.

Now go read those articles for the full story. Mercola.com also has some good articles on insulin.