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Sensitivity Training

So, I’m at work and I’m goofing off. Surprise numba 1. I’m going on a date Sunday with this smoking-hot lady. Surprise numba 2. I come ‘stumble across’ this “dating IQ” quiz. So I take it. It says I need to undergo ‘sensitivity training’. Surprise numba 3. That quiz can lick my sweaty grundle after a 10 mile run in the humid summer. Could this be why I’m still single?

(to avoid misinterpretation [it’ll happen anyways] I’m not complaining … i just thought it was funny)

I think I might need to …wtf am I thinking never mind

Drugs are bad for you.

whered you get the quiz i want to see how sensitive i am.

im only nice to girls i really care about. i dont know im not even aware of it but i guess im like a total dickhead and say very sarcastic things that get misinterperted.

i think the approach is to just say whatever the fuck you want and never apoligize. apologies are for cowards.

and make her pay.


Here’s the link … Funny I have the same outlook as you … for the most part … that was a big problem in my last relationshit …

I would make jokes and she would get embarrassed and I’d flip a quarter her way and tell her to go and buy a sense of humor then she’d throw my clothes out onto the lawn then I’d secretly stick her toothbrush up the dogs ass and take pictures for when we broke up and send her …

Boy that was a roller-coaster of a relationshit!!

I scored 23 …guess I am typical

um got a 14. I need training too.

Whats that say about my wife?

dude i got a 10, it said i was dating challenged. wth, i said id go to a nice romantic spot and i even offered gum after dinner, the dinner i said id pay for.
and i said id buy coffee if i found 50 bucks

im sorry maybe i should have just picked every answer that had to do with sex.

that test can suck my dick, and Ocean’s 11 was a good movie. fucking subtle movie watching fag. he probaly dates chicks that hang out in libraries or work at the circus.


All of those possible answers sucked. I got a 28 but that’s because 10 years of marriage has brainwashed me to care about chicks’ issues and stuff.

I got a 28… of course I actually answered as if I was dating someone I liked, and not a skank I was trying to bang.

I dunno, I got a 22.

12, no way I’m giving her my gum. She can walk.

  1. I still agree though. Some of those answers suck ass.

The $50 bucks is mine.

  1. I tried to play it like I would a girl I actually cared about, but the answers suck.

Also, in order to score higher, you have to be a complete tool. This is akin to the how to “spice up your sex life” articles that say that men should do more housework, vacuuming etc. in the hope that their spouse will reward them with sex.

The more sensitive you are, the less likely you are going to have any success with women… haha.

I thought the funniest part was reading the Info on correct answer, and the point values. Taking the $50 to the cashier as a display of your outstanding character is worth the same as pocketing it and saying “mine.” And don’t you dare offer gum after you just had a meal!

[quote]HangerBaby wrote:
The more sensitive you are, the less likely you are going to have any success with women… haha.[/quote]

i got a 10 and im not successful but most girls i meet at least think im hot. but who gives a fuck im 21 now.

dont offer gum after a meal?

i tried to answer those questions based off howd id truthfully react. and i carry gum because i eat a lot and dont want protein breath. so after i ate id pop a piece and after one too, then id probaly offer a walk or w/e.

and idk but im pretty sure 99/100 girls would rather you keep the money and buy drinks or something so you at least have a kick-ass date than give it back. and how do you know that cashier isnt a pedophile?

Beat that bitches!