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Sensitivity Issues

Hey guys, I’m a pfs case so just getting that out first, but, I was wondering…

I’ve noticed since going on testogel to cream on thighs to test cyp… I’ve had even less sensitivity in my testicles/penis. Is this kind of normal with the testicles shutting down or could it mean I need higher test or possibly get an improvement with hcg?

One more question… I think I’ve been doing test cyp 50mg/3.5 days for about 5-6 weeks… at what point do I become stable where I can get lab work and see where things will stay on this dose? 8 weeks?


6-8 week mark for bloodwork to see where you’re at is good

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I have this, but it’s a hold over from before I started trt. Still trying to figure it out.

Are you currently on just testosterone? Not just trt related, are taking anything else, something for BP or a statin?

I think I’ve heard of some guys getting some relief by using hcg. Cant hurt to try, especially if that’s the last thing you need to fall in place.

Trt and a thyroid pill. The testicle sensitivity loss is more and has increased a lot since trt.
What caused your sensitivity loss before trt?

You become stable at 6 weeks, but may take longer to feel the stability and full effects of said protocol. Remember your body must first adapt to that stability.

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Hard to say exactly, test levels were down to 170 or so, plus I was and still am rather overweight.

Could also be BP med and or statin.

Had a really bad car wreck about 15 years ago and had hit my head in the roll over 6 or 7 times each was hard enough to cause a concussion. Things seemed to change for me after that.

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What’s a “pfs” case?

Excuse my ignorance.

Post finasteride syndrome

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