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Sensitive to HCG


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to see if anyone else is having sensitivity to HCG, I am only on 250 iu twice per week as part of my TRT protocol which includes Test Undecanoate (Nebido) 150mg per week and having estrogen related problems (sensitive nipples) I have never had it so bad even in my cycling days on 500+ mg of test and 400+ mg of deca without AI.

I included AI which helped the problem but I can still feel slight sensitivity. My e2 prior to AI was E2 29.7 pg/ml 11.0 - 44.0. The blood test was done 3-4 days after my HCG shot. Is it possible that HCG is driving my e2 sky rocket?


Total T 29.7 nmol/L 8.33 - 30.19
Free T 21.53 pg/ml 4.5 - 42
E2 29.7 pg/ml 11.0 - 44.0
SHBG 25.5 nmol/L 13.5 - 71.4

Is there an error? TT and E2 both equal “29.7”

With your cycles, they were time limited.
TRT is long term and that provides more time for elevated E2 to create problems. How long on TRT?

I always suggest use of AIO to get near E2=22pg/ml and there would be less E2 issues there.

Dissolve anastrozole in vodka, 1mg/ml and take two drops twice a week. With later E2 labs you can calculate dose to get nearer to 22pg/ml. Find a dropper bottle.

We have had a couple of guys where hCG 250iu SC EOD created E2 issues with high T–>E2 inside the testes; anastrozole does not work there. But your E2=29 does not seem to fit that pattern.

Some here would claim that E2=~30 is OK, but that is not my opinion.


Hi KSman

Thank you for your response.

My bad Total T is 26.7

I have been on TRT close to 10 weeks. Initial protocol was nebido 1000mg every 10 weeks. Labs showed low total t and free t after 6 weeks. Then doc agreed to allow me to self inject nebido 150mg per week every Saturday.

It’s strange what I am going through right now I have taken 0.25mg arimidex which gave me slight joint pain but my nipples are also sensitive.

Can I use anything else to mix the arimidex if vodka is not available?

What do u think of trying another AI perhaps Aromasin?

I am definitely going to drop my hcg dose to half and see how that goes


I suggest that because it is readily available for most people, prevents any bacterial activity and anastrozole dissolves in [any] alcohol, but has scant ability to dissolve in water, ie ~.5mg/ml is difficult in pure water, with the fillers in the tablets that may mean that anastrozole is suspended and shaking would be imperative.

You can try aromasin, but dose needs to be small and you are still splitting pills. The problems, that you think you feel, would be caused by low E2, typically not anastrozole itself.

Because of your conflicting observations, you will need to experiment and observe. Making quick dose changes is not helpful. The full effect of any given dose or dose change is going to take a week to eval.

We do not see events were hCG is directly stimulating breast or nipple tissue. Again, your E2 lab does not in any way suggest that hCG dose is too high. With TRT without AI, we see E2 in upper 30s frequently. In any case, whatever you find that works for you is all that matters, we can only suggest based on what seems to work well for almost everyone.

We have a few guys who do better on aromasin than anastrozole [reasons not understood].


Thanks let me experiment and come back with labs.