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Sensitive Stomach. Shake/Diet Advice?


Ok I have been working out 4 over 9 months and have definitely seen some results...However tha goal at hand rite now is 2 get over 200 lbs. I am currently 189.8 as of yesterday, 6'0 about 12% body fat. I am currently taking pro complex gainer, but this stuff is definitely doin some crazy stuff 2 mi stomach....ne advice guys??


What issue do you have exactly? Gas? Pain? Cramps? Indigestion?

Hard to give you advice if you're being vague...


Eat food. Weight gainers isn't always the best way to bumb the calories. What does your diet/training looks like ? You must be, like many of us, lactose intolerant and you are using a cheap weight gainer that does contain some. And eating a dozen of eggs and 5 pounds of beef with veggies over 5-6 meals a day will probably make you sometimes feel "crazy stuff 2 mi stomach" also.

This thread would be more appropriated in beginners forum and/or supplement and nutrition.




First of all, unless you are typing this on a cell phone cut the cute text crap and write in proper English. It will make your posts much easier to read.

Most gainer drinks are full of soy products, soybean oil, HFCS, and other crap that will do you more harm than good. If you have a blender, start using that to make your shakes out of milk, cottage cheese, peanut butter, eggs, etc. Plenty of good posts on this site on this subject to research.


replace the calories with something that will not cause stomach discomfort...

just because something comes in a container does not make it better than whole food with similar cals/macros...


Even if you're not lactose intolerant, some people can't handle lactose-free whey.

You could experiment with other types of protein powders like egg, hemp, rice, pea protein etc.