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Sensitive/Painful Nipples. Is This Gyno?

Hi, I’ve noticed sensitive nipples recently and they are a bit painful when pressed against. Can anyone advise me whether this is gyno?

First pic is left nip while second and third pics are right nip.


How long have you been feeling this?

Short answer: in my experience, that’s prolly not gyno, unless there’s a palpable lump in there. But it’s the start of it.

My nips puff up like that on a blast sometimes and itch and burn. I knock it down right away with a one-time dose of 1mg Anastrozole and the puffiness, itching, and burning goes away overnight with no remnants of gyno remaining.

In contrast, many years ago, on a Dbol cycle, I failed to react appropriately to the symptoms you describe and still have a small bit of gyno under my right nip as a permanent reminder to take it seriously. This gyno feels like like there’s a gummy bear under my skin.

Now, you’re a pretty lean dude. I’m not advising you to pop 1mg Anastrozole like I do. I’m fat and aromitize like a mofo. It would like crash the estrogen of a dude like you.

DO NOT attempt to ride puffy nips out. Try .5mg Anastrozole and wait 24 hrs and reassess.

Its an early warning indication that you should do something to combat the formation of gyno. You can do as Prof H suggests with the anastrozle. I find that anastrozle is too hard to dial in properly. It it seems to do nothing or it dramatically trashes my E2.
Old school remedy was to take a SERM, like a little Nolvadex10-20mg/day. It cuts down your body’s ability to absorb E2, without crashing it totally. I have found it to be very effective.

Although its not definitively proven, whilst on a cycle, that it also stimulates testicular actively, lessens ball shrinkage.

About 1 week for my right nipple and 3 days for my left nipple. I feel no lump underneath them, though they feel sensitive and painful when I press gently on them.

Thanks. I don’t feel any palpable lumps underneath them. When I relax my chest, I can’t tell visually either. But, if my tighten/flex my chest, I can see puffy nipples (like extra skin and fat in there). If I don’t touch or press them, I feel nothing. But, if I gently press them, I feel a sharp pain.

Take that AI. I would crash my E2 all day over permanent gyno. If you’re planning on cycling, you need to learn how your body reacts to anti estrogens, now is a good time.

In my own experience, too much AI makes my nipples itch too, so there is a balance. Learn how you react. Ideally you would take 1mg arimidex OR 25mg aromasin and/or 40mg Nolvadex and get your blood tested the next day or two to see what it did to your blood levels. Get those data points and learn your body.

You really don’t need to hit yourself with a sledgehammer. 1mg/day of adex, is a lot, so is 40mg of nolva. OP doesn’t have gyno yet, so 10-20mg of nolva is going to do the trick quickly, without crashing his E2.

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