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Sensitive Nipples/Tissue Growing. High Estrogen Levels?

I am currently taking 100mg/ml a week. I split this up into two doses throughout the week. I have been having extremely sensitive nipples. I am also gaining a very small amount of tissue under my nipples. I know that I need to eliminate alcohol and lower my body fat to help with this issue. I would like to avoid AI’s if at all possible. Thoughts and suggestions.

what substance/ester? Do you have blood test results?

I am taking Cypionate and I am getting my bloodwork done this week.

How long have you been taking TRT? How long have the symptoms been there? Regardless of both answers, getting labs would be the proper direction to take at this moment.

I have been on TRT for 7 months. I started on .4 ml a week and moved up a tenth each month. The sensitivity has been around almost two months. The mild growth is brand new.

at 100mg wk thats not normal, not out of the question but not normal …how much do you weigh ? approx BF% ?

I have gained 15-20 lbs the couple of months. I have 26% BF.

I weigh 192 lbs and am 5’8.

where are you getting the 26% bf from …an at home scale ?

Two different doctors scales.