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Sensitive Nipple Couple Days In, PCT Report

The last few cycles Iâ??ve done, Iâ??ve got a sensible left nipple. It goes away after cycle. Now I have it back just a few days in. Do you think itâ??s prolactin related? I use 200mg of Tren weekly (along with Test and often with Masteron too). All long esters, and Iâ??ve just begun. I use Adex on cycle of course.

I used HCG on my last cycle for the first time, and wow, what a difference. I didnâ??t think I lost much ball size, but I realized I did since on cycle they seemed bigger than off cycle with the HCG added. After 2 weeks of stopping AAS, I did a 4 week stasis at 50mg Test/50mg Masteron, then 0 (no taper). I used Nolva on week 4 of the stasis and for 3 weeks after that. I felt awesome all the way during this time.

But when I was off Nolva too, I didnâ??t feel so good. Libido and recuperation were so subpar. Also, I had a hard time getting to orgasm during sex (not during solo time with the girls of the Internetâ?¦). That seems to indicate a prolactin issue doesnâ??t it?

Now Iâ??m a few days in a cycle, and my libido is still not what it could be. Yes I realize itâ??s long esters but I can actually see a lot of improvement elsewhere, and frankly, I donâ??t get how for some people it takes a couple of weeks to feel the difference. To me itâ??s pretty much immediate.

Iâ??ve read some horror studies with Dostinex/Cabergoline use. And Iâ??d have to find a source so before I do, Iâ??d want input from you experienced bros. Thanks