Sensitive Estrodial vs Ultasensitive Estrodial Essay Test

After trying to reason with my self and seeing how so many people lifes got fucked up by quest machine always screwing up giving in accurate readings. They say the machine is calibrated, but when you are getting readings of <2 on time then <40 the next there is some thing seriously wrong. I have been chasing e2 for 2 years and I honestly got worse as I started to rely on this test. The machine would say I was low then in reality I was really high estrodial because I known the differnce.

IMO it is no longer “The Gold standard” in estrodial testing, but only a method to charge the insurance companies huge amounts of money for an invalid test while mean while making 1,000 of guys life miserable and confusing the shit out of most dr’s. Dr’s are making wrong diagnosis based on this information and this is really effecting the life of their patients. For now I am having clients get sensitive testing (13-54) vs ultrasensitive <2. I had several dr’s call up and complain about the calibration of the machine. I would suggest that untill they get the machine calibrate properly to go back to classic estrodial sensitive tests to avoid any pitfalls in TRT. I know ksman has always relied on that one and he never had a problem.