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Sensitive Estradiol Test in Europe

Hey guys,
still having troubles getting E2 dialed in after 1 year of TRT. Main issue is I’m hypersensitive to HRT and just the small dose of a drug can get a huge impact on me.
To summarize, with only 60mg of test enanthate and 300 IU of HCG per week I’m on about 1350 ng/dL total T, 22 SHBG and a standard estradiol test that goes from 40 to 50 pg/mL. Without any AI, I feel anxious and unable to fall asleep. When I start dialing in a bit of Aromasin (maximum 6.25 mg per dose, sometimes even 3.25mg) I feel good the first few days, then once again I start feeling nervous and terribly anxious. Which I guess it’s because E2 is going too low.
I’ve spoken to dr. Crisler a couple of months ago, who told me that the regular E2 test is pointless for someone on AI, since the AI gets read as E2 in the lab test.
So my question is if anyone knows how to get a sensitive E2 test in Europe (I’m based in Cyprus at the moment), since like that I feel like I’m walking as a blind in the dark.


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There is no sensitive E2 test in Europe, Europe does what we did 10 years ago. It’s going to take awhile for Europe to get caught up.

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Thanks for your reply.
I did find this lab, which is the one DR. Hertoghe is using:


But they don’t reply to my emails, so I guess they are not into international blood samples shipping.

The problems right now is to understand from the symptoms where my E2 is up to, as we don’t the test here. And it’s terribly tricky as both high and low E2 have the same symptoms, except for joints pain, which is typical of low E2, and bowel movements. From what I experienced right now, I think I’m constipated when my E2 is high, while I have diarrhea when E2 is low. But it’s just a supposition and I don’t know if anyone else experienced that.
Furthermore, I’m on Aromasin, because from my experience Anastrazole can’t deal with the intra-testicular testosterone aromatization that happens with HCG. I can’t feel any benefit on Anastrazole, while, as I said, Aromasin works wonders the first days and then makes me miserable, due to probably being too strong.

Hi there Man appassionato, you said with only 60MG Test ENANTHATE is that a total of only 60MG per week??? (7 days) if so for just taking 60mg and getting 1,300 Ng/DL is pretty Crazy lool. @appassionato

Hey man.
Yeah, 60mg of T enanthate + 300 IU of HCG per week, divided in 3 doses.

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20mg per TESTosterone 3 times per week? total 60mg okay, that’s strange though Less than 100MG per week of Testosterone giving you 1,300 is still CRAZY

It seems that my HPT axis is pretty sensible to stimulation, so it’s mostly due to HCG. I was having the same effect when I was on clomid. Plus, I think, the heavy weight lifting I’m doing is contributing to keep it high.

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Hi again Brother, so you don’t believe 60MG TEST E did that too you??? but you believe the 300 iu HCG Dose SKYROCKETED your Hormones up? including Testosterone? Just checking with u. @appassionato

Yeah, because I have blood test before and after getting on HCG. 60 mg on T enanthate alone was giving me 712 ng/dL.

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That’s Cool, i have some New H.C.G Prescribed too me i haven’t tried it yet. How awesome is it on Libido? does it really give you Mental desire for SEX too HCG? and more CLEAR thinking by any chance??

Describe your Feelings/experience after first HCG Shot Bro? @appassionato