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Sensitive E2 Testing in Toronto?


I’ve been searching to test for sensitive e2 in Toronto but couldn’t find a lab that does that blood work, only the standard E2 test. I also called my endo if he can do my sensitive e2 and he said he has never heard of that blood work…
so this is why I’m trying to get my own blood work done, my endo is completely useless and finding another endo would take at least 6+ months wait so I’m doing everything I can.


None of the labs in Ontario do sensitive e2. Nor can you have your pregnenolone levels measured here. It sucks, but that is the current reality.

Yeah that blows… I e-mailed 2 labs who tried to help me find the sensitive e2 but they couldn’t find it.
I wonder how we can get labs to start doing sensitive e2?
Would we have to do a petition or something?
If anyone knows the procedure on how to have labs do new testing in Canada, please post.

They don’t really listen to the demands of regular patients because there is an assumption that without a medical degree your opinion is irrelevant. You could ask your doctor to petition the collage of physicians, but don’t hold your breath.