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Sensible 20 Week Plan or No?

Week 1 (1RM Test)
Monday - Squat
Tuesday - Overhead Press
Thursday - Deadlift
Friday - Bench Press

6 Week Cycles (18 Consecutive Weeks) of the following
Wendler 5/3/1
Bill Starr 5x5

Week 20 (1RM Test)(Same as Above)


Training for a couple of years on and off. Been off injured for the last 10 weeks.
Am I changing programs to often? Should I stick with each until I start stalling?

Just stick to one of these programs for awhile and progress as far as you can. You will be better served doing that.

Depends on your goals.

Why would you change programs at 6 weeks if you’re making progress? Pick one and ride it out, when the gains stop coming you can either figure out what to change to fix it or try one of the others. I’m not sure how 6 weeks of 5/3/1 would work either, you’d be stopping half way through a cycle. There’s no reason to do what you are planning.