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I was thinking about taking some classes in senshido in a studio in montreal, just wondering if anyone had heard anything good/bad about this system?

Yes, I’ve heard of Senshido. The guy who ‘invented’ the system is one of Tony Blauer’s ex-students/Chu Fen Do Instructor.

The short story is that Tony had told this guy that he would eventually make partner on the business, but always left him hanging. Eventually, Richard, got fed up and opened a school 4 blocks away from Tony’s and named ‘his’ system Senshido. It’s basically Chu Fen Do.

Why not take this to the Senshido website or forum? BTW, Sewerhooker that was an extremely simplistic “review” of what Senshido is. I’ve gone to seminars, spoken with Rich and your assesment is equivalent to T-Mag being basically Muscle Media. Rich was Tony’s student but Senshido isn’t ChuFenDo. It’s taught by a man who’s been there and done that and is teaching you what it takes to survive. Not merely what he hypothesizes will work.

Thanks Crooz, much appreciate the kind words.

Sewerhooker, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you are interested though, check out our website for the facts (I don’t want to spam here so just run a search for it on any search engine). If not, that’s cool too, just please don’t generically reply to something based on hearsay or half the story. Thank you.

Flanker, if you’re from Montreal, come in for a week free trial and judge for yourself. You can find the information on our site (run a search).

Richard Dimitri

It looks like it would be a good system, but I do not know enough about it. Seems to cover all ranges of combat, like many other hybrids.

I wasnt going to post on this thread again because I knew it would only fuel the fire with a ‘he said’ type of discussion. But since you posted I dont feel badly replying now.

First of all I was a student of Tony’s in the mid 90s for a few years. I wasnt his personal secretairy, but I have a good idea of what happened between the both of you.

Secondly, I said it was the ‘short story’! Obviously there are plenty more details that could have been added. But that wouldn’t have helped inform this individual what Senshido is. I brought up Tony Blauer and Chu Fen because they are more known and it would help indentify what you do. I’m aware you’ve weren’t Tony’s clone even when you taught CFD. That being said, I’ve knew some of your students and when we exchanged notes we realized there were many similarities with both systems.

Thirdly, if it helps, I heard from Chu Fen students you taught and your own students that you were a very good instructor and even excelled in certain aspects Tony did not [that includes, both as a MA and as an instructor]. Oh wait! Are you gonna make me take that one back too? :wink:

Anyways, I wasnt even trying to drag your name through the mud. It’s gotten to a point where you cant give a simple opinion online without having to write a novel covering all aspects of any given situation without getting blasted or someone trying to be ‘clever’ and read into what you are saying. Politicians dont deal with this much Political Correctness. And this last part goes out to all you professional online debaters,“Lighten the fuck up!”

Hey Sewerhooker, I hear ya. I wasn’t blasting you dude, just that your original reply wasn’t going to help inform the individual either or anyone else for that matter. Reread your original post, you basically did state I was a clone.

“Eventually, Richard, got fed up and opened a school 4 blocks away from Tony’s and named ‘his’ system Senshido. It’s basically Chu Fen Do.”

You also stated I opened a school 4 blocks from him; that is misinfomation. I opened my school in a completely different district and Tony went and relocated 4 blocks from me at that time. Anyway, no need to rehash it’s pointless but all I was trying to say was that your original post would misinform people. Switch places with me for a moment, how would you feel if someone grossly undermined your work? If you truly wanted to inform this individual, a simple direction to my website would have sufficed, and if you felt strongly about the subject, you could have also referred him to Tony as well and let him make his own decison. Of course there are similarities, he was my instructor, I was certified by him and he was a major influence in my development. However, things are very different now and even members of his professional PDR team who have been exposed to both our work have stated so, and I quote: “I have had the pleasure of communicating with Rich for a short time now; without doubt he is one of the few real experts out there. From material that easily transfers to real life to some of the best videos on personal protection that I’ve seen, Senshido is a reference in the world of defense.” CHAD POWER - PROFESSIONAL MEMBER OF BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS PDR TEAM

No harm done though and no hard feelings, just stating my claim is all. Thanks for your kind words as well as taking the time to read and reply. Sincerely
Richard Dimitri

After re-reading my original post I realize how it belittled your accomplishments and integrity. It was my mistake and for that I apologize.

Just wanted to commend you guys for not letting this descend into a flame. Apology from sewerhooker took real integrity. Thanks for presence here, guys.

Sewerhooker, no harm done, thank you for understanding I sincerely appreciate it :). To the anonymous poster, thank you for your kind words. All the best.

Sincerely Rich Dimitri