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Sen's Retirement Plans


In about 20 years I will have 6 million - 8 million dollars saved up and will quit 'working'. I plan to sell Chez Say and move to different parts of the world and live for a year and then move to a different part of the world, rinse repeat, etc.

I think this makes sense at many levels:

1) I currently live in the same neighborhood that She Say and I grew up in. I like where I live and have many family and friend connections, but it is the BORING suburbs of Washington, DC. Spending my retirement years in different locations will let me experience different places after having spent the first 55 years of my life in one place.

2) My 3 kids will be excited to come visit me and She Say. If I simply moved to a beachfront chateau the kids might be interested in visiting for a few years, but then it would become 'old hat' pretty quickly. By moving around the globe every year they will be provided with free lodging at different great places. I should have enough to also pay for them and their family's airfare.

So, my questions are:

1) What do you guys (gals) think about this plan?

2) Given that I will have about 20 - 30K for rent each year, where do you recommend I move to? My plan is to jump from the USofA one year to international every other year...I'm thinking maybe an urban city every 2 years followed by a country/rural area every third year.

All thoughts are welcome. Once we figure out where I should live, we can get to work on what I should wear while living there.



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1) I like the plan!

2) I think a villa somewhere on the Mediterranean would be nice. Then you can wear those green camo underpants, just like always.


Damn what exactly do you do and are you hiring? Seriously, I'm a hard worker and willing to relocate.

Best city I've ever lived was Genoa, Italy. I'd also check out Kerala, India. If you've never been and at all like boating definitely check out Apia, Samoa. Its small, cheap, and there's a large body building community.




1) Can I have the name of your investment guy?

2) Really, the only thing I'd ask about your plan is how much stuff do you and she say have that will travel with you at all times? I'm assuming that you'd be getting furnished places where you move to, and would be renting things such as televisions and other appliances? How much of a pain will it be for you and your wife to really pack everything "permanent" up, and ship it overseas every year?

I'd recommend living in rural Germany if you pick there for a year. Not necessarily the boonies, but far enough out to really get to enjoy the real country, and it's not very hard at all to hop a train to a major city.


You could probably buy yourself a nice Central American country for 6-8 million dollars.


I'd spend some time here.

Also, Avenue de Saissy in Cannes. If you've ever seen the transporter, he's living in a mini castle type place with a hole in the basement that goes into the water for scuba diving.


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1) I like the plan!

2) I think a villa somewhere on the Mediterranean would be nice. Then you can wear those green camo underpants, just like always.

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I think Amsterdam would be a no-brainer or if you're a beach person, Jamaica mon!


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6-8 million isn't that much....save 16,500 per year and you'll get there...


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2) We have very little stuff...when I pick up and move I'll probably take nothing but She Say and pictures of the kids...haven't thought about this part too much...I'm thinking now we'll limit it to 3-4 boxes each of junk...standard copier paper sized boxes...actually...my wardrobe is pretty snazzy as most of you know...so mayber I'll get like some big trunks to carry my clothes and She Say's sex toys.


Assuming I live 20 years after I retire I need 20 places to live. I'm thinking so far:

1) New York City
2) Northern California
3) Rural Germany
4) Somewhere in South America
5) Somewhere in Maine



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English major right? What the fuck are you doing that enables you to save 16k a year and raise 3 kids?


The South Pacific. Many beautiful places can still be had for a reasonable amount of money. I don't know about rents but you can buy pretty decent beachfront houses for 100-150k in a lot of places. You technically don't own the land, but its a 75-100 year landhold agreement.


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