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Sen's Not Goin' Gentle Into That Goodnight


Been out for a while making excuses. Not sure where I'm going with this, but going somewhere.

Pullup 3*5*BW
Bench 3*5*135
Deadlifts 3*5*135
Squats 3*5*135
Straight Bar Curls 3*8*65
Dips 1*8*bw (hurt..wah wah wah!)

Power Cleans 5*1*135
Bent Rowers 3*5*135
Seated Militaries 3*5*115
Shoulder Killers 2*10*10 (rear, side, front lateral raises)
Farmer's Walks 3*half the gym and back*40

Pullup 3*5*10
Bench 3*5*145
Deadlifts 3*5*145
Squats 3*5*145
Straight Bar Curls 3*5*95
Dips 3*5*25

Ran a mile on the treadmill after each workout followed by foam rolling and stretching. 1/4 mile on treadmill to warm up along with some mobility.

Diet is a cut above typical american. See how it goes and then might look at it in a month or so.


Welcome back sen. I see you still haven't changed your underwear.


Welcome back been awhile for sure, never mind me I am just going to continue to deadlift.


Welcome bro!


Hi, Sen. I must have joined after your previous posting, so I'm coming into the middle of the movie.

And just what's wrong with a typical American diet? On second thought, I can guess.


Welcome back Sen Say


Do you have access to a rack yet?


Welcome, where abouts in Wales are you?


One thing I would not trust Sen on his location. Chances are he could be your neighbor or mine.


Sensay is back.

welcome back.


brett, sen say is lying about being in wales. he had me fooled 2 years ago when he said he was in japan. he's a liar.

bad sen say.

welcome home. this means you can't post in SAMA anymore...


Not for you or any woman.


Thanks. Nevermind me I am just going to continue to deadlift.


Still waiting to get my paws on yours.




Ola amigo!


SAMA has been boring for like 2 years...without an Arch-Nemesis it's just no fun...and the stoopid mods won't let me advertise for one. Gone are the days of Live789, merlin and RayRayBaby :frowning:


Been lazy the past few days. Took off Friday from work and spent all day eatin' top grade chow, drinkin' top grade booze and bangin' top grade She Say. Ditto Saturday.

Worked out in garage yesterday with Sen Jr. Garage is about 100 degrees.

Power Cleans 5*1*135
Bent Rowers 3*5*135
Standing Militaries 3*5*135
Straight Bar Curls 3*12*65
Pushups 3*30*bw

Sweating like a pig afterwards. Hit the pool and then repeat of Friday and Saturday.

Today looks to be more eatin', boozin' and wenchin'.

If I didn't reply to your kind post individually forgive me. My hand is busticated from too much laptop use without a mouse.

Happy Independence Day ya old bastards (and wenches)!


Where'd everyone go?!?!?

Pullup 3*5*10
Bench 3*5*155
Deadlifts 3*5*155
Squats 3*5*155
Straight Bar Curls 3*5*95
Dips 3*12*25


You use exactly the same weight on all lifts? I'm getting a really weird image of what your body must look like.