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Senor Deathwish



it's like he's taking the stairs...not even winded.



Damn, that's impressive, but he's only one missed grip away from dead.


I like his shades and ponytail, very cool video.


I'm pretty sure that guy died, as it says it was "one of the last videos of him ever shot". I'll stick to getting punched in the head, thank you.


Holy shit, my palms are sweating from just watching.


Thats absurd.



It's a real shame when someone gets to be too much of an adrenaline junky.

The worst one I have seen is a base jumper who jumped out of a plane and misjudged how close he was to a bridge. A cameraman on the bridge followed him in then it cut and all you heard was him hit.

It leaves me wondering what went through his head in that last moment when he must have realised he was too low.


yeah he died in 98 jumping from like 1100 ft w/ only a climbing rope.