Senior Thesis Ideas

Hey Everyone!

Going into my second semester of my junior year of college I thought It would be a good time to start brain storming for my senior thesis.

I’m currently Majoring In Exercise Science and would like to concentrate on something relating to Lifting/Strenght Sports.

So go ahead, throw some stuff out there that you think I should research or study. I need your help so Chime in!


Manipulating the central nervous system for maximum gains in size and strength?

What are the results of training on unstable surfaces in terms of muscle recruitment?

What really is safer, training on machines or using free weights?

I doubt these are any good, but I hope they help.

The effects of creatine on muscular strength?

Does coffee have a negative or positive effect on lactic threshold?

These were a few I remember people doing last year for their final.

Something that attempts to answer the question, ‘Are the faster people the stronger people?’

You could try to resolve all of T-Nation’s arguments.

Why are bodybuilders so weak?

All isolation vs. some isolation vs. OMG how could you ever think of not doing a compound exercise?

Functional training is a pretty stupid term vs. some people actually only workout to improve the way they can perform in a specific job or sport.

Why aren’t more sub-150 pounders posting pictures of themselves and cutting?

Why do minors and people who don’t know how their body works love steroids?

Bulking and cutting vs. slow bulk vs. clean bulk vs. OMG I had to loosen my belt by a notch!

Seriously though, I think the settling-point theory of bodyweight is an interesting topic and probably hasn’t been done to death, but I’m not sure it would apply to your major.

Are certain races of humans genetically and physically superior over other races? Example- African Americans have a higher concentration of Type 2 muscle fibers than White or Asian men and if so what %?

Wow guys! Thanks so much for these ideas… its a definite starting place… I can’t thank you enough… Keep um coming! THANKS AGAIN!