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Should men over 40 be using ephedrine based products for fat loss? Prostate and BP issues? Alternatives that work? 1/2 dosing?

Yup, cardio to keep the fat away, stretching to keep the injuries at bay, a good warm-up every training day… sounds like a poem!

I’d also add that preventive rotator cuff work becomes an absolute necessity.

Great advice on the preventative rotator cuff work . I had to learn this the hard way. Needless to say I now apply the preventative approach to all of my training. That being said, has anyone else found that they seem to gain muscle faster and respond to supplements better now than when they were in their twenties? My top weight/bodyfat in my twenties was 205lbs/9% (hydrostatic testing). I am currently at 235lbs/12% (Hydrostatic testing). If you can avoid injuries, there are some definite advantages to being a senior T-Man. Best advice I’ve recieved since my return to the gym came in the form of a question from another senior T-Man, “Did you train your ego or your body today?” I think about that question everyday before I step into the gym.

I’m in!! I just turned 40. Like the senior name. Hey what’s a label. Been at this for 23 yrs. Last 5 or so pretty serious. Would be interested in learning more about the supplement side for the older guy. I am in an 8 week mag-10 cycle now and feel awesome. Big gains in mass and strength. Like the idea of a regular thread.

great thread. i am 42 and have a lot of questions about supplementation & diet requirements for 40+.

workouts & recovery I can handle, however i am cautious about PH supplementation & diet.

start it up!!!

Can we hear some input from the moderators? Is T-mag ready to start a thread or is there another way we should go about this?

Specster - The forum belongs to T-mag readers. Feel free to start any thread you like.

I think that Specster meant to say another forum dedicated to old guys… :slight_smile:

Well gang count me and my 55 years in also. And if the BioTest folks are as bright as I have consistantly found them to be they will fast realise that “our” age group is one hell of a potencial target market that few if any of the “Majors” are addressing directly. Call the thread what you will myself I would choose something like “Old Dogs” or to steal a line from one of our best " Older Lifters" the name really isn’t as important as the information itself and the fact that people like me can find support from a company we can also have some faith in.

I just finished week 1 of Arley’s Mass program. My recuperation was excellent for each session and my body responded well to the routines. Great pumps, excellent numbers on the top end of the 5x5’s. The best part so far has been a major reduction in joint pain that I was experiencing training more frequently. I’m going the full 6 weeks on phase 1, and adding a Mag-10 cycle on weeks 7-9 of phase 2. I’ll be doing two doses per day on week 7, single dose on weeks 8 and 9. I will switch to M and Tribex on weeks 10 and 11. I’m looking to beef up my 5’6" 235lb frame one last time this winter before I begin to shred it for the contest in June.

Count me in on the senior thread. I’m 51, and have been lifting one way or another since I was 13. Mostly, though, I’ve concentrated on martial arts – I’ve been involved in taekwondo for over 30 years.

I had kind of a “detour” recently and spent much of the last couple of years on crutches due to a couple of foot surgeries that didn’t go well. I still can’t do much as far as MA goes, but I’ve been back training seriously with weights for about 5 months now, and have been making progress, but still, at my (our?) age progress is slow. My squat is less than half what it was before all of this started. Nevertheless, I’m pretty pleased at getting back to that so quickly after such a long layoff.

I have a pretty decent home gym set up in my basement, but a couple of weeks ago my wife entered my name in a drawing at a local shopping mall, and I “won” a free three-month membership at a local gym/health club. I think that I might take advantage of that to do a couple of Ian King 12-week programs starting in January. I will probably try to combine the “Limping” leg program with the 12-weeks to Super Strength upper body program. Does anyone have any different suggestions?

I would like to hear “senior” thoughts on supplements. My diet is under pretty good control, and I’ve burned off a lot of the fat I accumulated, so I’m really not interested in the fat-burning side of the supplement house. (I’ve dropped 14 pounds, net (196 to 182), and that number includes a few pounds of muscle gain.) I’m really more interested in “senior” thoughts on the anabolic, T-boosting side. Have any of you over-50 T-men used Tribex, ZMA, Mag-10, etc? What stacks? How did it work for you? Is there anything about using them that might be different for us than for younger T-men (for example, prostate issues)?



Great question about testosterone. I’ve (43 years old) experimented with androsol and Tribex. Both work quite well. However, you also raise a good question about prostate health, DHT, estrogen etc. This should also be a concern of all T-men. I think the decision to “use” or not is base on goals. If you want to get bigger an increase in testosterone (along with proper diet) will help you achieve your goals. If your goal is strictly health, I would lean more heavily on diet. Also included in this goal could be Methoxy7 and M. I’ve used Methoxy7 (the old version) and found it to be quite effective and it does not have any health concerns. Establishing goals will help set your course of action. However, at some point/age a strong consideration will need to be given to increasing the testosterone level for both better health and more size. What a dilemma!

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