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Senior T-Man

Two quick questions:

(1) To T-Mag staff – Are there any plans on a follow-up to the original article. In the article, the 1st phase was to be 4-6 weeks which, if started right away, would have taken someone to the beginning of December.

(2) To everyone else – Is anyone using the program? If not, a follow-up probably isn’t necessary.


I just started the program and plan to use it for the next 12 weeks. After the last few months on the road, I though it would be a good break-in for returning to heavier weights. Best of Luck.

I’ve heard from TC that the follow-up Senior T-Man article will be posted next Friday.

Thanks for the feedback. I am looking forward to the next installment. For the time being, I am actually doing a modified version of Christian OVT, but I am thinking about my next step.

Thanks again.