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Senior Pranks

Well im just about to graduate and nobody in my class can think of anything good for senior pranks. Nothing original; crikets in the library, a keg cemented somewhere on campus, flour eggs and honey all over the place, breaking off or putting something in all of the locks on the doors. What did you guys do,or wish you had done, for your senior prank?

The old “chunky soup in a water bottle under the shirt” trick. One guy puts the bottle in his shirt so no one can see it, makes puking sounds, then unloads it on a table in the cafeteria. Then, the guya at the table all take out spoons and eat it. Hilarious stuff. Also, take a small car and put it in a hallway. Sideways for bonus points.

Putting soap in the fountains, makes a big mess. Dye in the fountains. Couch on the roof, birds in the hallway,mice in the library. Can’t think of anymore.

If your schuul has a fountain with flowing water, put some Dawn soap or a gallon of bubble mix (the kind in the bubble-blowing toys) in the fountain early in the morning (pre-dawn). Within a few hours, the recycled water going through the fountains will put bubbles floating around everywhere. Also, go to Wal-Mart or Costco, buy about $300 worth of Jello mix, and dump it in your school pool the night before…$300 worth of rice works well, too.

We burned it down. That was hilarious.

Our high school was out in the country, so we were big into livestock at school. Chickens and turkeys were routinely let go in the cafeteria, and once somebody actually stole a goat at a nearby farm and let it go in the hallways. The administration managed to corner the goat and “herd” it into one of the bathrooms, where it remained bleating until they were able to find the owner to come and pick it up. Hilarious!

Do something harmless. We took all the chairs and desks in the high school and put them in the gym. We also moved cars into impossible to recover positions with 14 or 15 guys, and blocked in the buses. These led to a 2 hour delay, but no property was damaged and nobody got hurt.

farmer you said, “Our high school was out in the country, so we were big into livestock at school” more info then I needed. but my biggest regret was that I never grabbed Miss Cavalo’s ass, she realy had a GREAT ass, god, just watching her erase the board, that big round as, back and …oohoohhhohh I’m done.