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Sending letters about andro

Hey fellas, This whole banning andro is really freaking me out, I dont want these assholes to ban it, and i was wondering how many of you tmen have and or are willing to send out letters to Reps and congressmen, and i was thinking that maybe biotest could make a corporate letter and attach a whole bucnh of t-mens letter to it to have a greater effect, perhaps with some corrective literature in there to show the reps how misinformed thaey are, What do u all say hows that for an idea please respond dont be shy!!!


I spoke to TC about this issue and T-mag will most likely have an article pretty soon with all the info you need to know to write an intellegent letter to your congressmen.

It sounds like a good idea. I question how intelligent some people on this board might come across. I can see it now. “Dear Congress person, Please don’t ban my andro, I want to be hyooge! By the way, did you know that snorting ephedra really burns the ole’ nose?! Sincerely, Big Doggy.” Those that do write, at least use the spell check.