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Send Them Home!


I think we should make May 1 an anual relief from illegals day. Anyway, I'm calling on a nation wide ban on the purcase of Mexican beer, tequllia, Mexican dishes, cocaine and marijuana. Also as a formal protest against illegal immigration, cut your own grass.


You should be cutting your own grass anyway! Do what was done when I was a kid, make your lazy-ass kids cut the grass! If they bitch and complain to you about it, kick their ass and then make them cut the grass! Shit like this didn't happen when I was a kid, because parents made their kids work around the house! Punk-ass parents are the reason illegals are mowing yards now!

Make your kids work! Teach them to have pride in their home! Teach them that their home is more than just a place to spread their shit around and plop their asses in front of the XBOX or Playstation! In fact, get rid of those things! That's why they are so fat now anyway!


Get out in the 100 degree heat and bend over and pick you own onions and lettuce!!

Send 'em home!


Put the men 18-35 on ships, headed for Iraq. Their families can stay and they all become citizens.

All the rest get a bus ticket.

Now, let's get real: Make all of them citizens so they can be taxed and regulated like the rest of us. Remind them that its a Republican president and Congress that are granting them citizenship. The Dems would be screwed!


I second this. Best trick my dad ever taught me:

Him:"Son, you wanna mow the lawn?"
Him:"Okay, wash the truck, then mow the lawn and I'm not asking!"

I mow my own lawn now, no kids to do it just yet...


My dad used to make me mow the lawn in strips, back and forth. Then he'd go out with a string and have me hold it on the other end of the yard as he held his end and judged whether or not each row was straight enough. That is how he determined how much allowance I got--by the row.


Damn man, that's harsh! But I bet you took pride in your home then, didn't you? I'm sure you do now too, don't you? You learned important life lessons that many of these kids nowadays don't learn because your dad didn't accept BS from you.


My uncle (mom died when I was 4 and my old man drove a truck) used to backhand me and say, "Mow the goddamned yard!" Simple and very direct.

I now make it a point to never hit my kids. Wierd how it works.


I work for a company that is primarily employed by mexicans, and not ONE showed up to work. As a fareman I am highly pissed that they don't take their jobs more serious. The owmer of the company won't let us FIRE them. So the rest of the ENTIRE summer will be a long long haul for all of them with some of us. I work in concrete and the days seem to never end as it is. Believe, I'm not a bigot . But it isn't right to show up on Monday morning and all you have is '5 guys ' standing there. So we all worked longer and filled our pockets with more money. So, I guess I should say: thank all for BOY-COT MONDAY.


Ya know, all my native american friends are TOTALLY for a "send them home" week... I would've thought they'd be a litte more friendly to the mezit-

oh wait.


please send them home, traffic was non-existant today here in san diego. my 30-45 min drive magically became a 10 min. drive. they fucked themselves over royally, but i would like to commend them on showing there resolve. i hope they never come back, that will show us. viva mexico.


When I heard about this "boycott" that the Mexicans were planning, did anybody besides me laugh their asses off?

Y'all know about the stereotype "sleepy/lazy mexican", right? Didn't this day just reaffirm that unfortunate racist viewpoint?

"Ey, man... we're all like totally pissed at you guys for calling us lazy and no good, man. So we're gonna like, skip out on work and sleep in, man... that'll show you vatos just how wrong you are about us, man!"

But maybe it was just me.


no, but you just reaffirmed an unfortunate racist stereotype that I had.

...I'll let you figure out which one.


So it's true that Swedes have no sense of humor? Who knew?


heh, ok, THAT was funny. :slight_smile:


Maybe they could affect the change they want by voting?

Oh wait a minute.............


Watching TV with the wife last night when the news anchor butts in with the stories they will be running later. The one that caught my wife's attention: "Are illegal immigrants really a drain on the economy?"

My wife shouts "Yes they're a drain on the economy, they all went to the protests today instead of going to work!"

I laughed my ass off at that.


Everyone knows that there are what, 12 million here already?

You aren't going to send them home, its just damn near impossible.

I say legalize them and tax what they make. I get taxes taken out of my check...so should they.

It really irritates me the outright racism going on against these people. The same shit was said about the Irish (locusts invading New York), the Italians (WOPS?), the Chinese (who built that railroad again?), the Catholics (they'll vote how the Pope tells them! They'll ruin democracy!), the Blacks (wait a second, we brought them here for cheap labor. Nevermind), and every other race that has every immigrated to this country. I really thought we were past these days...

Give me your tired and sick, your huddled masses yearning to breath free...may I remind you guys what this country was based on?


Irish, When i lived in L.A. my american mexican friends did 'nt like the illegals either,they looked at them as thieves, rapist and murderers that worked for nothing and lowered their satandard of living that commited crimes and just went back home and were usually not brought to justice.They seemed to think of them as predators that were taking advantage of anything they could.Sure i know some mean well ,but as a whole,thats what other latino's that i knew thought of them.


If they want to come here to better themselves, then fine, but do it legally!! looks like they will make great citizens they aren?t even citizens yet and they are already breaking our country's laws and calling us/citizens raciest. Hell yes I?m raciest against criminals!!!!! They are stealing from me and from every other legal citizen of this country! Send there asses home. That goes for any immigrant over here illegally.