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Senator Schumer's 3 Branches of Government


Imagine if Sarah Palin had said this, we would be reminded of it in the mainstream media every 10 minutes. And THIS man is the one making laws, not her.


Oh please. He still made a coherent point. Which newspapers does sarah palin read? ALL OF THEM!?!?!?! Apples and oranges.


Yea, they are all rotten fucking fruit in the end.


One can only imagine the number of gaffes that Joe Biden has made. If the main stream liberal media ever covered all of them there wouldn't be time enough to do anything else. But it's only the repubicans that make verbal errors. The MSLM never misses a chance to try to confuse fact with fiction.


Bush II, Palin and recently Bachman have come up with some real headscratchers.

Other than that I can't really think of any. Mike Steele perhaps.

"This is a big fucking deal Mr. President"

Quit yer belly-aching and elect someone who isn't a folksy retard.


You only know what the media puts in front of your face - Please tell me you understand how this works. Americans had no idea that Franklin Roosevelt was disabled. Do you know why? The media would not report it. That may have been an act of patriotism, but the new media shills for the democratic party and has been for the past 50 years, more so over the past 25.

Just about every republican President since Ike was reported as being stupid by the main stream liberal media. And every democratic President as being intelligent. And my gosh what they did to Dan Quayle....sheesh.

Thank God FOX is there to at least shill for the republicans. At least now we have a little balance.


Just an interesting note: Out of all the thousands of photographs of Roosevelt there are only two known photos of him in his wheelchair.


No matter what Dems say, no matter how stupid, it's portrayed as evidence of their intellience; no matter what Repubs say, no matter how intelligent, it's evidence of their stupidity. Anyone who can't see there's something terribly wrong here probably also believes that any sort of weather that happens to be occuring at the moment is evidence of AGW. Useful idiots.


I do understand how this works. Sometimes you get a taste of reality, sometimes you get a fabrication. But you can usually come to some kind of conclusion based on the aggregate especially if you are not a retard.

Bush was not a good speaker. This was not a media conspiracy.
Palin has a stone ear for everyone excepting her base of zealots. I've come to this conclusion based on media reports, as well as media produced by Palins camp.

Now do I think Chuck Schumer is any kind of genius? Nope. But that was a pretty run of the mill gaffe.


I never claimed Bush was a good public speaker, in fact he was not. But did he deserve to be called satan by the liberal media and tar and feathered on a daily basis? No.

I think I know what's wrong and it's easily solvable. Are you a democrat? If so you will walk away with one message and I another. It's that simple isn't it?

If a loyal democrat hears the press bashing Palin they like it and agree. If a republican hears FOX (it will never be the MSLM) bash Obama he likes it and agrees. Therefore, there is no bias on the part of the listener in either case. In reality however both the MSLM and FOX are bias.


LOL! Schumer serves in 5 Senate Judiciary Committees. Run of the mill my ass.