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Senator Charles E. Schumer


I just have to get this off my chest.

Of all of the loathsome creatures in US politics this shit stain is the one who brings out the worst in me like none other. I mean on a deep down level. This guy turned my stomach when he was in the house, but now as a Senator he has achieved positively herculean superciliousness, pomposity, condescension and hubris. I cannot fathom what must go on in the mind of any human being that would voluntarily put this insect in a position of power.


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Watching a Schumer press conference one would think they're watching the happy nursery school teacher address the boyz n girlz. He does not even take a superficial stab at hiding the utter disdain with which he views his constituents.


Why does he get voted in?

Because he is a Democrat, and for many people that is absolutely all they need to know.


A New York democrat at that.


Especially in New York


I met him a few times at charity events when I lived in NYC. He is even worse in person trust me.


can't figure out how the guy is so anti-gun, but still has his own ccw permit? i quess he figures he's better than us "common folk"


He might be the biggest of the big asswipes.



And I think Pelosi deserves and honorable mention.


Yeah, but she's just a semi competent lying nutcase. Schumer displays a special variety of calculated self conscious putridity all his own.


Right when I was taking some consolation in the the notion that I had already witnessed the quantum pinnacle of nausea inducing disingenuousness in the person of Charles Schumer and had heroically withstood it, he himself surpasses all his own previous records today.


He is up there for overall government douchery. He is not even good at hiding his douchness.


Whoa Push, hang on there. I rarely post in PWI, but I always seem to agree with you politically. With that said, I've always found Barney to be on a level of his own.


Schumer gave a speech at my high school graduation, and my brothers and at least 1 of my sisters high school graduations as well. The SAME speech each time.

I'm not sure if that's a common thing amongst guest speakers at graduations, but it seemed whats the word "cheap?"


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