Senate Proposal to Restrict Access to Vitamins & Supplements

Anyone seen this yet? Here’s an email I got:

Dear Friend,

Your Access to Vitamins and Supplements may be taken away by the U.S. Congress.

We felt that it was important to let you know about a new proposal in the US Senate that could eliminate your access to the vitamins and supplements you rely on. Some legislators are proposing extreme measures that would allow the FDA to regulate your vitamins and supplements like prescription medications. This means you could lose access to many of the supplements that you take regularly, such as, Multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Glucosamine just to name a few. Can you imagine paying prescription drug prices for the products that you rely on? This is what this new legislation could mean to you.

You can make a difference!

Support S.1538 ? A bill introduced by Senator Tom Harkin, and Senator Orrin Hatch that will protect your access to Vitamins and Supplements.

Oppose S.722 ? A bill introduced by Senator Richard Durbin, that may significantly undermine the freedom that we as American consumers have regarding our dietary supplements.

To learn more about this pending legislation and how to contact your representatives in Congress click here:

IMPORTANT: Please E-mail, phone, fax or write your Congressman Today!

Let your voice be heard. Please act now before it is too late. Don?t let your access to Vitamins and Supplements become political folly for special interest groups with you paying the bill. Learn more and get involved today. Click here and follow the instructions to email your representatives and voice your opinion.

Thank you for your consideration.

What about vitamins that are created from concetrated foods? Standard Process is an example. I’ve used acerloa powder for vitamins C. Are these “supplements” or foods? Where is the line drawn? If my supplements are just foods, how the hell can they restrict what I can eat? WTF are they trying to do, create a huge black market?