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Sen. Ted Cruz: Repeal Every Word of Obamacare

"Cruz ran on a platform of Tea Party politics and won a victory over Democratic nominee Paul Sadler by a heavy margin. Now that he has been sworn in, Cruz claims that he intends to â??repeal every syllable of every word of Obamacareâ?? and work to get the Republican Party back to adherence to strong conservative principles.

After taking the oath of office on his family Bible, Senator Cruz sat down with reporters and outlined his plan for leadership.

â??As promised during the campaign, he still plans to focus the first bill he files on an attempt to â??repeal every syllable of every word of Obamacare,â?? though heâ??s realistic. With Obama reelected and Democrats still in control of the Senate, â??We know to a metaphysical certainly that that bill is not going to pass any time soon.â?? So heâ??ll do whatever he can to prevent implementation of that law.

He laughed, literally, at Obamaâ??s recent suggestion that there wonâ??t be a debate over whether to raise the debt ceiling. The federal government will hit its credit limit in roughly two months and Obama argues that default to any degree is unthinkable, especially because it entails spending that Congress has already authorized. â??I know he said that and Iâ??m sure he would like not to discuss it,â?? Cruz said, making clear that Obama will, in fact, face pushback when the time comes.â??

Fucking dude is awesome!! Make him prez and fuck that squirrel bait O-blamo.

A southern baptist Harvard law grad? You need to make up your mind.