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Sen. Harkin Kicks Ass


I found this hilarious.

Harkin Teaches Brad Pitt A Lesson

Lost in the fizz of yesterday's Hill bedlam was a quiet visit paid to Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) by actor Brad Pitt.

When Pitt's team first requested the meeting with the Iowa senator, they laid down some conditions: clear the office. Don't introduce Pitt to anyone. Don't talk about the visit ahead of time.

But we're told the senator didn't take kindly to being told what to do in the confines of his own office.

So when Pitt, sporting black hair and a bushy beard, showed up around 2:00 pm, every available member of the Harkin staff -- even if they were busy -- were arrayed around the office. Harkin proceeded to introduce them to Pitt, one by one. "He got the personal introduction, along with their function and everthing else," says someone who was there.

When they did manage to speak privately, Pitt and Harkin discussed Africa and trade issues.[JEREMY PELZER AND MARC AMBINDER]

Spot on, should be more of this, cut through the bullshit and see the man.


Fuckin' A Right! I'm so sick and tired of hearing how these movie stars put out demands for people not to make eye contact and not to be talked to. In case that little shit Pitt forgot he's a nobody when he walks into a senators office.


Sen. Tom Harkin gets some points in my book.


I think this just another case of the Hollywood left being full of themselves. The audacity of Pitt - or anyone that plays dress up for a living - dictating how he is to be treated in the office of a United States Congressman is just laughable.

Kudos to Harkin.


I hope Harkin hande him his ass on a platter in similar fashion during the "discussion" too.