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Semper Fidelis

I just wanted to mention that today I took the Oath of Enlistmemt. I am now in the United States Marine Corps. I just wanted to mention it because I’ve said I was working on it and didn’t want to seem like a half ass.

Bravo! Now go kill some terrorists for us.

Paris Island here you come. Good luck with the sand fleas, mud, and mosquitos,…heh heh heh you’re gonna need it jarhead.

Congrats, now go kick some ass. T-men live

Thank you.

God bless ya! Have fun gutting some fuckin towel heads.

…Beware…Those Dogs of War…

Now Bomber…let’s go and GET some…!!!

OooRah!!!..and Semper Fi!!!

Way to go bomber from a former Marine and Viet vet
Thank You
Semper Fi!

Marines flying into training at Paris Island, SC usually fly into my home town, Charleston. There have been several times since 9/11 that I have flown into town on a late night flight. Every time since that day, the captain has come on to announce that the recruits are on the plane, joining the service to protect our freedom. And every time since that day, they get quite a large ovation from the crowd on the plane.

Thanks. And good luck.

Good for you!!! To many people talk about the problem, but don’t do anything. You my man are becoming part of the solution, part of something larger thean yourself. So from an ex-Airborne Ranger, THANKS.
Best of Luck!!!

Just remember that boot camp is not the service. It is temporary. It will suck mightily, though. Good luck…And BTW, a kid was walking down the street and came across a Marine in dress blues standing on the corner. “Wow” said the kid, “Are you a real marine like storms the beaches and Iwo Jima and saves the day and everything?” “You bet, kid” replies the Marine. “Want to wear my hat?”
“Wow!” says the kid, then sees a sailor leaning up against a building nearby. He runs over to him. The sailor is drunk, has his pants unzipped, and puke on his shirt. The kid says “Hey mister, are you a sailor like sails the seven seas, and has a girl in every port and everything?” The sailor says " You bet, kid. Wanna suck my cock?" the kid says “Hey, I’m not a real Marine, someone just loaned me this hat!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. By the end of your first year, you will know 10,000 sailor jokes as well as hear at least that many about Marines.

Thank you.

Congrats Bro!!! You’ll know about a million jokes about us Air Force guys too! :slight_smile:

Errr!!! hey future devil dog whats your MOS ??? 0311 all the way !!!

you know what sound you hear when shit hits the fan MARINGGGGGGGG

Thank you. It is because of people like you that my family can sleep soundly at night knowing that their freedom and peace is protected.

If you ever get access to a computer, how about giving us an update? Tell us what it’s like. Do some ranting.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Arms bomber.
Good luck in boot camp and remember stay motivated, always give your best effort and above all team work is a MUST, help out your buddies that need it. As a former DI myself do not question your Drill Instructor’s motives his there for one thing only to train you to survive in a harsh enviroment. RECONDO OUT FRONT, HOOAAH!

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. When I get to a computer i will certainly give updates. I go over jobs this weekend at my pool meeting with my recruiter. I have always wanted to do something with electronics and am looking at working with the avionics for F/A 18s, however any way I can make a difference I will gladly accept. And from all the vets from all the branches that have offered advice, jokes and support, thank you for making this that much easier for me. Semper FI.